A survey in Appetite of almost 300 brides to be found that 70% were trying to lose weight. Aisle bound? Start early and have a plan that extends past your big day, says study author Lori Neighbors, R.D., Ph.D. The average amount of weight the bride to be wants to lose for the big day is 21 pounds. So how does the engaged squeeze it all in?
  • 89% drinking water
  • 85% aerobic exercise
  • 80% eat less food
  • 80% switch to foods with fewer calories
  • 70% exercise with weights
  • 43% eat diet foods
  • 39% switch to diet drinks
  • 23% skip meals
  • 22% take unprescribed diet pills
  • 14% buy a dress in a size smaller than their current one
  • 13% join a weight loss program
  • 4% fast for a day or more


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