(Cosmopolitan) Put your meditation skills to work and take a few deep breaths. These three tips will also help:

Conceal it
You know how you color-correct and conceal your dark circles? If you're tattoo is black or blue, the same technique will work for that. Use an orange corrector to neutralize the pigments. Then tap on a body foundation to hide it.

Get tatted again
You can hide your ex's initials with another design. Generally, your cover-up art will be three times the size of the original tat, says Joanna Roman, a tattoo artist in Toronto. So if your tattoo is too large or dark already, this may not be an option you're into.

Laser it off
This is your best choice if you want your ink totally gone for good. Basically, light energy from a laser breaks the pigment your tat into tiny pieces, which your body then eventually removes, says plastic surgeon and laser specialist Paul Stanislaw Jr., M.D. You'll have to be patient it can take 8 to 12 sessions, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, and willing to pay up it's $250 per 15 minutes of treatment.


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