Simone Biles Just Made Gymnastics History and the 2020 Olympics Can't Come Soon Enough. Nailed it! Not that there was every any doubt, but Simone Biles really is the GOAT. The 22-year-old Olympian went where no gymnast has ever gone before on Friday evening, making history as the first person to ever attempt and land a double-double dismount from the beam. The must-see moment took place at the U.S. Gymnastics Championship in Kansas City, Miss., where she's currently vying for her sixth national title. In an earlier heat, Simone made history yet again by becoming the first woman to perform a triple-double in a floor exercise. Simone, who took a jab at her critics by practicing in a leotard with a literal goat on it (as in 'greatest of all time'), is no stranger to success on the mat. In fact, she's the world's most decorated female gymnast of all time, having won five Olympic medals and countless other accolades. In a recent interview with USA Today, Biles toyed with the idea of not only hearing that you're the best, but knowing it. "You'll go your whole entire career and everybody will tell you you're great. But the minute you say you're good, [people are] like, 'Oh my gosh, you're so cocky! Cancel her,' or this or that," Biles said. "There should be times where we can celebrate whenever we do a good routine. Or if you've been on a winning streak for a year. Or so forth. I think it's something you should have pride in. Not be cocky about it, but have pride in it." And with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics right around the corner, you can expect Simone to do exactly that when she represents Team USA. (Eonline)

Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Support From Girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu on Broadway Opening Night. Jake Gyllenhaal had a special fan nearby on his opening night. On Thursday, the Oscar-nominated actor celebrated the official opening of Sea Wall/The Life on Broadway, sponsored by Fiji Water, at the Hudson Theater. He and fellow actor Tom Sturridge star together in the production and stepped out on the red carpet together after the show as photographers documented the evening. Gyllenhaal's reported girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu was noticeably missing from his side, but did pose on the red carpet solo before the show, donning a champagne-colored spaghetti strap gown and black loafers. After the show, a celebration was held at NYC seafood eatery Redeye Grill. According to an eyewitness, Jeanne waited for Jake and Tom after the performance, but the Spider-Man: Far From Home star entered the after-party solo. As for his off-screen leading lady, she entered a few minutes later with Gyllenhaal's mom. Per the eyewitness, Jeanne was "chummy" with the actor's family and was spotted chatting with his famous sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, as well as Sebastian Stan and others at a table. While Jake spoke with people associated with the play, Jeanne talked with Maggie and Stan's girlfriend, actress Margarita Levieva. The model was described as very familiar and relaxed in front of Jake's family and friends. She and the Broadway star have been romantically linked since last summer, though the two have kept mum on their relationship and don't follow each other on Instagram. In late December 2018, the two were spotted on a stroll in Paris walking arm in arm. "They were smiling the whole time," a source described at the time, "and looked very happy." (Eonline)

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban See Moulin Rouge! The Musical -- and Sing-Along with Audience: Source. Nicole Kidman, who originated the role of Sateen in the 2001 film, and her husband Keith Urban had a "great time" watching the show, a source tells PEOPLE. Spectacular Spectacular! Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban stopped by Moulin Rouge! The Musical on Friday night and gave the new Broadway musical their seal of approval! From their seats inside the theater, Kidman -- who starred as Satine in the original 2001 film -- had a big smile on her face as she praised the production. "How wonderful life is... " she wrote alongside a video from the night out, which showcased a glimpse at the show's set design. Turning the camera around, the actress, 52, and Urban, 51, quickly summed up their thoughts on the production. "Wow," Kidman remarked, while Urban gave the show a thumbs up. A source tells PEOPLE that the happy couple was also spotted singing along during the show from the audience. Afterward, the pair went backstage to visit with the cast where they raved about the show -- with Kidman singling out star Karen Olivo, who plays Satine, the role which Kidman originated. "Nicole spotted Karen Olivo immediately and gave her a huge hug, saying how she was blown away," the source tells PEOPLE, adding that the couple told the entire cast "what a great time they had watching the show." Several months earlier, the Big Little Lies actress and her husband took a walk down memory road singing one of the songs used in the 2001 film. The couple, who frequently duets together, shared a video of themselves singing a version of Elton John's "Your Song," in May. "A little backstage moment before heading to Monterey ????@KeithUrban," Kidman captioned the adorable clip. In the video, Urban sat at the piano as he began singing, "It's a little bit funny/This feeling inside/I'm not one of those who can/Easily hide." As he sang "If I was a sculptor," Kidman cheekily chimed in with, "But you're not," causing Urban to laugh. In 2001, director Baz Luhrmann's Oscar-winning movie musical about the bohemian romance of two doomed lovers, played by Kidman and Ewan McGregor, dazzled audiences. Eighteen years later, the famous red windmill has found a new home on New York City's Great White Way. Tveit and Olivo join an ensemble cast of 30 stage talents who bring Luhrmann's beloved film to life. And keeping with the jukebox theme of the movie, which features famous songs such as "Roxanne" to "Your Song" and "The Sound of Music," the theater adaption dusts off the film's 2001 catalogue and updates it with recent hits such as Beyonce's "Single Ladies," Fun's "We Are Young," and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Moulin Rouge! The Musical is set to run until July at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. (People)

Fred Savage's Kids Go to School With Blue Ivy Carter, and Beyonce and JAY-Z Are 'Great Parents,' the Actor Says. Fred Savage and Beyonce costarred in 2002's Austin Powers in Goldmember. Fred Savage's kids have one very famous classmate: Blue Ivy Carter. During a recent episode of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, the 43-year-old actor was reflecting on costarring with Beyonce in the 2002 movie Austin Powers in Goldmember when he revealed the cool coincidence. "Years later, my kids and her daughter go to the same school in Los Angeles," he shared. Savage shares son Oliver Philip, 13, daughter Lily Aerin, 11, and son August Maxwell, 6, with wife Jennifer Lynn Stone. Beyonce and JAY-Z's daughter is 7, while their twins Rumi and Sir are 2. The actor admitted that he was nervous to talk to the pop star at first, but he finally took the leap. "It took me a while to go up to her 'cause it's like ... 'What do I talk to Beyonce about?'" he said. "So, it took me a minute, and at one point I was like, 'Hey, I'm Fred, we did this movie together.'" Savage continued: "And she goes, 'I know who you are. I saw you at the beginning of the year, I just didn't want to come up and say hi and bother you.' I'm like, 'Beyonce, bother away!'" "I'm like, 'Well, let's clear the air. You can bother me whenever you want,'" he joked. "She's great." Savage added that he sometimes sees the singer, 37, and her husband JAY-Z at the school's drop-off location. "She and Jay are great parents, they're active parents, they're at school," he shared. "All the kids at the end of the year do this big Olympics thing, and [Beyonce and JAY-Z] are out there having picnics, sitting on the field with a blanket. They're great parents." "I remember walking by and seeing -- in the kindergarten, there's like little windows in the door -- and Jay was playing peek-a-boo in the window," Savage shared. "It's amazing to see these titans of art and culture and business, these huge totemic figures just being mom and dad," he added. "It's awesome." Savage added that he and Beyonce haven't talked since their first meeting. "I was like, 'Beyonce, so nice to talk to you, but go with that instinct because I'm probably busy at school. So, let's just like have this moment and not ruin it,'" he joked. "And by the way, she was fine with it," the Wonder Years actor added. "She was like 'Great, on board' and we have not spoken since. But we had that moment and I hold on dearly to it." (People)

Nipsey Hussle's family is turning down hoards of proposals for a very public birthday bash honoring the slain rapper ... because the wounds are just too fresh. Sources close to Nipsey's fam tell TMZ ... there will be no city-wide celebration in Los Angeles, even though fans are begging for one, because his family is still in mourning. Instead of a public event ... we're told Nipsey's family will get together on August 15, on what would have been the Crenshaw rapper's 34th birthday, and remember their lost loved one in private. Our sources say Nip's clan has been flooded with suggestions for how to recognize his bday in front of the masses ... but we're told the family feels it's still too soon to do a huge celebration, considering it's only been a few months since his tragic death. Nipsey fans who flock to his Marathon Clothing store in his honor will be met by a heavy police presence ... and they won't be able to get close to the storefront, because we're told an extra set of barricades is being added to an existing fence. So, while it's nice to see so many folks looking to remember Nip on his birthday ... ya gotta understand where his family is coming from. (TMZ)

Brody Jenner Leaves Flirty Comment on Ex Kaitlynn's Vacation With Miley Cyrus. Who said exes can't be friends? It's been exactly a week since Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter announced that they were parting ways after a year of marriage. Since then, it's been pretty much sooth sailing for the new singles. Brody has been chilling in Los Angeles, while Kaitlynn appears to be living the single life on vacation with Brandi and Miley Cyrus in Lake Como, Italy. But perhaps there is some truth to that saying, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Case and point: Brody commented on one of Kaitlynn's numerous vacay pics, "Hot girl summer [flame emoji]." In the photo, Kaitlynn takes a flattering selfie of her and Miley, who is wearing a chic one-piece bathing suit from Chanel. Miley also wears glam jewelry which is likely designer too. So, perhaps Brody is simply making an observation? Either way his comment drew attention from followers and observers, since he did split from Kaitlynn quite recently. In a statement from the celebrities' rep, they stated, "Brody Jenner & Kaitlynn Carter have decided to amicably separate. They love and respect one another, and know that this is the best decision for their relationship moving forward." A source previously told E! News that Kaitlynn had already moved out of their formerly shared Malibu home prior to news of their breakup. Moreover, the source revealed that there will be no sticky divorce process since they only exchanged vows and never legally married. Fans first began to suspect that their "marriage" was on the rocks when The Hills: New Beginnings began revealing the issues taking place between the pair. In one episode, Kaitlynn confronts Brody after learning that he claimed they were in an "open" relationship. In response, Brody simply told the cameras, "While I don't have kids I'm gonna pretty much do what I wanna do and live for myself, as opposed to live for another human being." Now he can live for himself as a single man. (Eonline)

Eva Longoria Names Ricky Martin and Victoria Beckham as the Drunkest Celebrities at Her Wedding. "It was a toss between Ricky Martin and Victoria," Eva Longoria said of her wedding guests. Eva Longoria's 2016 wedding was a star-studded event -- and now, she's spilling on which guests got the rowdiest. Longoria married Jose Antonio Baston in May 2016 in a sunset ceremony in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, a lakeside town roughly 88 miles from Mexico City. Ricky Martin, Mario Lopez, Melanie Griffith, and Victoria and David Beckham were among the 80 or so guests at the intimate wedding. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday night, the actress was forced to reveal which A-list guests got the drunkest while celebrating her nuptials. "It was a toss between Ricky Martin and Victoria," Longoria, 44, admitted during a round of "Shady Questions," while fellow guest Julianne Moore laughed. While Victoria seemed to have enjoyed herself at the wedding, she also had a very important job: dress designer. The fashion designer created Longoria's gown herself. "@evalongoria the most beautiful bride. I am honored to have created your wedding dress X Thank you for asking me!!! X We love u! X #friends," Victoria captioned a sweet shot at the time. Longoria later opened up to Hello! about why she chose her close friend to design her gown. "I asked Victoria to do my dress because I wanted it to be special and made with love, and I knew that Victoria would make it with love," Longoria told the magazine. "Victoria was one of my witnesses too -- she signed the paper that says I was here -- so it was a Victoria Beckham weekend! She was the best, sweetest person to have there on this day. She's one of my best friends so for her to be there was so special." Longoria and Baston welcomed son Santiago in June 2018. (People)

Yankees and White Sox to play 2020 game on the Field of Dreams. The baseball field that served as the setting for Field of Dreams, the film starring Kevin Costner, will host two professional MLB teams in 2020: the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. With the help of Universal, which released Field of Dreams in 1989, a temporary ballpark to seat 8,000 attendees will be erected at the film site in Dyersville, Iowa. The game will then take place on Aug. 13, 2020. Both teams helped reveal the news with videos shared to their official social media pages. Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge stars in his team's promo, which features footage of Costner's famous exchange from the movie: "Is this Heaven?" "No, it's Iowa." The White Sox then tapped shortstop Tim Anderson to recreate the Field of Dreams movie poster for an ad. "As a sport that is proud of its history linking generations, Major League Baseball is excited to bring a regular-season game to the site of Field of Dreams," MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. "We look forward to celebrating the movie's enduring message of how baseball brings people together at this special cornfield in Iowa." The film, directed by Phil Alden Robinson, starred Costner as Ray Kinsella, a corn farmer who hears a voice that says, "If you build it, they will come." So, he builds a baseball field on his property and visions of the 1919 White Sox players appear. James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, Amy Madigan, and Dwier Brown also starred. Said White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, ?Field of Dreams is an iconic, generational baseball story built upon a deep love of the game that transcends even the most impossible of circumstances. The filmmakers tell a beautiful story that resonates to this day." (Entertainment Weekly)

Actress Rosanna Arquette is taking heat for apologizing about being "born white and privileged." The "Desperately Seeking Susan" actress made her Twitter account private after she posted Wednesday that she felt "so much shame" because of her privilege, The Wrap reported. "I'm sorry I was born white and privileged," she wrote. "It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame." Arquette, 59, claimed her tweet led to an avalanche of "threatening and cruel" responses -- and now she's had to lock her Twitter account due to the harassment. "I'm locked to protect myself I was told by FBI to lock it up," Arquette told the entertainment outlet. The FBI didn't respond to the outlet's request for comment. Arquette said that she's received more online harassment since she came forward with allegations against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. "The Boy's Club is bigger than it ever [has been], so the attacks are really actually dangerous right now," she told The Wrap. "But that's what they want to put me in a state of fear. And I say no. I will not be afraid so I will protect myself and I do have people around me who are ready to protect me if someone goes after me. Don't f�k with me is where I'm at." (PageSix)

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper's daughter is following in the footsteps of her legendary father -- becoming a professional wrestler -- and her only regret is he isn't here to watch her perform. TMZ Sports talked to Teal Piper (real name Ariel Teal Toombs) ... who at 34 years old will make her wrestling debut for AEW on August 31. "A million percent regret not taking this opportunity before," ... Piper told us ... adding, "It is very heartbreaking, and very nostalgic and intense feeling being in this world without him." Roddy unexpectedly passed away back in July 2015 ... at the age of 61. Teal says her dad woulda been pumped about her gettin' in the biz ... but also protective over his daughter. "I think my dad would be very excited for me. He's always been so supportive of the stuff I do." "But, on the flip side of that, he's always kept me far away from wrestling. He was always worried about the heat he would get as a heel, the fans in the industry, so he kept me and my sister, specifically, in a bubble." Piper's in the deep end now ... 'cause her first match is a 21-woman Casino Battle Royal -- with the winner getting a title shot. #SleeperHold. (TMZ)

Lamar Odom says he's at peace with getting booted from the BIG3 ... telling TMZ Sports he wishes Ice Cube and the league nothing but the best. The ex-NBA superstar previously said he was "extremely disappointed" and embarrassed to find out through an Instagram post that he was deactivated for being out of shape last month. "Only after I heard from the media, I was then told that the big boys cutting checks decided that they had to deactivate me with no real specific explanation," Odom said at the time. But Odom tells us the whole thing was a case of "miscommunication" ... and he's ready to move on to other pro opportunities. "It's over. I wish them well, all the success and blessings to Ice Cube and anybody that has anything to do with the BIG3 ... and I hope [my former team] the Enemies win." Odom reaffirms he's looking to play in the Philippines ... and has already started the process of reaching out to potential teams. We also spoke to Odom and his new GF Sabrina Parr about rumors their relationship is fake ... and you gotta hear their response. (TMZ)

YouTube loser Brooke Houts still has the Doberman she allegedly abused on camera ... at least while LAPD investigates her for animal abuse. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Brooke has maintained custody of the dog -- for now -- because LAPD's Animal Cruelty Task Force determined the pooch is not in immediate danger. As we first reported ... the Animal Cruelty Task Force launched an investigation after Brooke mistakenly uploaded video showing her shoving and berating her Doberman named Sphinx. Our sources say the video itself does not show enough proof Sphinx is in immediate danger under Brooke's care, and that's why the dog has not yet been removed from the home. Of course, that could all change. We're told LAPD could take the pup from Brooke once the investigation wraps ... if investigators determine she abused the pet. Brooke issued a long-winded apology after the video surfaced and she caught tons of flak online ... saying it's too expensive to hire a trainer and claiming she's NOT a dog abuser. (TMZ)

Single life agrees with Wendy Williams ... and it also keeps her up into the early morning partying with hip-hop superstars like Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Wendy was front and center at Villain in Brooklyn Thursday night where Rick was celebrating his new album, "Port of Miami 2." The Boss and the talk show host got cozy for some pics, and the whole crew raised their glasses and some cigars all night. Looks like Wendy got plenty of tea for her show's return in September ... she had some deep convos with Rick and Meek. Busta Rhymes, Lil Mama and Rick's mom, Tommie Roberts, were also partying. You might recall, Wendy's ex, Kevin Hunter, claimed she never wanted to be out on the scene when they were together. Well, our sources in Brooklyn tell us Wendy was still hanging with Rick and co. when they finally left the venue shortly after 1:30 AM. Times are changin'. (TMZ)

Chris Johnson is sending a stern warning to Jerry Jones ... if ya let Ezekiel Elliott's contract holdout continue -- it could lead to the running back's career-worst year!!! Of course, CJ2K would know that best ... the legendary RB says when he held out for all of training camp before the 2011 season -- it contributed to him having the worst season of his Titans career. "You can train all you want to train, but until you're actually out there playing football and doing all those stuff and instant moves and stuff, you'll never be in football shape until you do it." Johnson -- who waited until Sept. 1, 2011 to end his contract standoff with Tennessee brass -- says it took him 6 GAMES before he finally felt in football shape because of the layoff. Chris still managed to get over 1,000 yards on the season, but barely ... logging just 1,047 and only 4 TDs. CJ2K's advice to Jerry to make sure Zeke doesn't suffer the same fate in Dallas? "If you're the Cowboys, you need to get him in right now." Johnson also tells us he's a HUGE fan of Zeke's ... and says he wants the RB to continue the holdout until Jerry and the 'Boys pay him what he deserves nonetheless. By the way, even though Johnson had a down season after his holdout ... it worked out pretty well for him financially -- he got the Titans to pay him $53.5 MILLION over 4 years!!! Seems like Jerry's gonna have to AT LEAST hit that number for Zeke's new deal ... and it's obvious Chris thinks Jerry better get it done ASAP!!! (TMZ)

In-N-Out burgers might be delicious, but they're burning the hell outta their employees ... according to one worker who's pissed about his uniform -- 'cause he had to pay for it. Tom Piplack toiled at an In-N-Out branch in Southern California between February 2016 and November 2018, and like all employees at the burger joint ... had to rock the all-white pants and black shoes. He's not complaining about the fashion, it's the cost that's got him fired up. In a lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Piplack says most In-N-Out workers are paid "near minimum wage" and forcing them to buy their uniform "pushes their wages below the legal minimum." He isn't disclosing how much he paid ... it's more about the principal of the matter for him. Piplack says wants the court to make In-N-Out pay fines for violating Cali labor laws -- and then he wants that money to be distributed to all employees as reimbursement for the uniform expenses. You could say Piplack is pulling a Robin Hood, but he also wants the burger giant to cover his attorneys' fees. Robin Hood didn't have no stinkin' lawyers. (TMZ)

Former boxing star Clifford Etienne is passing time during his 105-year prison sentence by giving his prison mates fresh cuts ... TMZ Sports has learned. Etienne is a former heavyweight contender and had fights with huge names like Mike Tyson and Francois Botha ... before he found himself in a bit of legal trouble. In 2006, Etienne was found guilty of robbing a check cashing business, attempting to shoot a police officer and carjacking. He was eventually sentenced to 105 years behind bars. Despite the long sentence, the 49-year-old appears to be in great spirits -- spending his time painting and cutting hair for his prison mates ... as well as responding to his pen pals. In a letter, obtained by TMZ Sports ... Etienne says "I am still healthy, and I look forward to a better future." "I paint and cut hair almost every day ... I do watch TV sometimes ... mostly news and sports." Etienne also talks about his living situation, as well as reflects on his boxing career. The fighter is remaining extremely positive about his future, saying, "I will get out of here" ... even if the legal odds aren't in his favor. (TMZ)


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