The story arc of the famous oak tree from "The Shawshank Redemption" is complete ... it's now being used to honor the actors for the 25th anniversary of the 1994 classic. TMZ's learned some of what's left of the movie tree -- which as we've told you, was cut down in 2016 after falling victim to severe storm damage -- has been turned into gift plaques to present to the stars of the film ... including Tim Robbins, who played Andy, Morgan Freeman, who played Red, and director Frank Darabont. The plaques feature a photo of the actor's character engraved into the wood along with a notable quote. For instance, here's a closeup of Warden Norton actor Bob Gunton's plaque ... with the line, "Put your trust in the Lord, your ass belongs to me!" The actors will get their gifts later this month as they all reunite at the 25th anniversary event in Ohio, which includes the Shawshank Hustle 7k on August 17 at the Ohio State Reformatory, where the movie was filmed. Along with the big stars, 'Shawshank' alums Mark Rolston, Gil Bellows, Neil Giuntoli, Frank Medrano, Alfonso Freeman, Renee Blaine, Scott Mann and Claire Slemmer will be in attendance. We broke the story ... the tree's been transformed into several different collector's items and 25th anniversary souvenirs already, along with being made into a bougie table for one superfan. For those who are at least 24 years late ... the tree is where Andy left his note for Red before hightailing it South of the border. Good stuff. (TMZ)

Angelina Jolie Is a Wild Thing Rolling in the Sheets in Sexy Perfume Ad. Wild thing, you make my heart sing... Angelina Jolie showcases her sexy, tattooed body as she rolls around topless in sheets on a bed in a new ad for Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense, which was released on Friday. The 44-year-old Oscar-winning actress is also seem smiling as she frolics in a rain shower, while clothed in a slip dress. The commercial is set to The Troggs' hit 1966 rock n' roll song "Wild Thing." Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki filmed the ad at Jolie's home in Cambodia, according to French luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. Jolie is the face, or "muse," of the Mon Guerlain fragrance and also appeared in an ad for the brand in 2017, when she became a celebrity spokesmodel for Guerlain. Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense will be made available in stores at the end of August. Earlier this month, Jolie joined Guerlain President and CEO Laurent Boillot at a press conference at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris to unveil the new ad. At the event, Jolie spoke about the work of the foundation she set up in 2003 in Cambodia in the name of her and ex Brad Pitt's 17-year-old son Maddox, the eldest of their six children, who was born in the country, to help local communities access healthcare and education and preserve the environment, according to LVMH. Boillot and Jolie also announced a joint development project to protect bees in the Samlot area of northwestern Cambodia, the outlet said. (Eonline)

Instead of dancing in the dark, Bruce Springsteen's son has chosen a career of battling blazes ... among lots of other heroic stuff. Sam Springsteen just became a firefighter in Jersey City, New Jersey ... according to his mom, Patti Scialfa. She shared the cool news on Instagram, saying ... "You followed your dreams... JC firefighter... Stay safe ... love your brave heart." Of course, Patti peppered in some heart and flexed biceps emojis ... along with a "CONGRATULATIONS" and a fire emoji. Sam is the youngest of Bruce and Patti's 3 kids at 25 years old. He has an older brother named Evan and an older sister named Jessica. None of them have followed in their dad's footsteps and become Jersey rock icons ... but they're all doing very well for themselves. Sam was reportedly ranked 42 out of 961 on the Jersey City FD civil service in March, which qualified him to join the new class of firefighters. Congrats! (TMZ)

Bindi Irwin's Note to Late Dad Steve Irwin After Getting Engaged Will Make You Cry. Bindi Irwin says she knows her late father Steve Irwin will be "beaming with pride" as her brother Robert Irwin walks her down the aisle in his place on her upcoming wedding day. The daughter of the Crocodile Hunter recently got engaged on her 21st birthday to her longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell, a 22-year-old wakeboarder from Florida. Robert, 15, photographed the surprise proposal, which took place in the gardens of their family's Australia Zoo. At the start of the weekend, Bindi shared on Instagram a photo of her and her brother and fiance, as well as a throwback pic of the siblings with their late dad and their mom Terri Irwin. "Dad, You would be so incredibly proud of Robert," Bindi wrote. "He has been such an amazing support during this beautiful new life chapter. I know you'd be beaming with pride when the time comes that he walks me down the aisle." "I wish you could be here for these moments, but I know that your spirit lives on in us," Bindi continued. Robert responded with a red heart emoji. Steve, a popular international TGV personality, died in at age 44 in 2006 after being stabbed in the check by a stingray barb while shooting a wildlife documentary. Bindi was 8 years old at the time. She has often paid tribute to her father publicly since his death, including on Instagram and when she competed on and won Dancing With the Stars season 21 in 2015. Bindi and Chandler have been dating since they met in 2013 while he was visiting the Australia Zoo. They have not revealed a wedding date. (Eonline)

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting over the death of their dog with the help of a new furry friend ... they got a new pup in their company just over a week later. The couple was out Saturday in Miami, settling into what appears to be a vacation home with Joe's bro, Kevin, his sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, as well as some friends in tow. No word on whether Nick and Danielle tagged along -- they might be joining later. The biggest addition to the crew though was a puppy golden retriever, who Sophie brought out of the van on a leash and what looks like a harness of some sort. Later, she gave this little lady a bath in the pool, and she didn't even seem to mind. Good girl (we think)!!! There was another pooch there with them too, but Joe and Sophie's other dog, Porky, didn't show up in these photos. He's the brother of their Alaskan Klee Kai, Waldo -- who was tragically hit and killed by a car in New York last week, after breaking free from his leash. As you'll recall, the pet owners were devastated in the following days ... and definitely didn't hide their emotions in grieving the loss of their canine family member. Looks like they've found a new way to cope now -- whether the puppy here is a rental or permanently part of the pack, it sure is lifting their spirits. (TMZ)

The home where Sharon Tate and 4 others were murdered is attracting gawkers at all hours of the day and night ... and it's all because of Quentin Tarantino's new flick. Folks have been flocking to Cielo Drive in West L.A. in the wake of the release of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," pulling up in the middle of the night and hanging out near the location where a very pregnant Sharon was brutally murdered in 1969 by Manson Family members ... this according to one of the neighbors, David Oman. Most Cielo Drive homeowners aren't eager talk about anything Manson, but David has a particular interest. He claims there's lots of paranormal activity at his home and it's all because of the savagery that took place up the block. His house has even been featured on shows like "Ghost Hunters" and "Haunted History." Ever since David moved to the neighborhood 20 years ago ... he says a bunch of weird stuff has been going on -- items knocked off shelves, spirits speaking to him and even physical contact. He's known to hold seances in his home. David's been talking to the sightseers and they all say Tarantino's film piqued their interest. It's pretty crazy ... sometimes there's a caravan of cars lined up to catch a glimpse of the home, which ironically isn't even there anymore. It was torn down in 1994, and a new McMansion has taken its place. The wave of tourists won't stop anytime soon ... next weekend's the 50th anniversary of Sharon's murder. (TMZ)

Why Scott Disick No Longer Feels the Need to Hide His Past from His Children. Scott Disick is in a really good place now. So, with the premiere of his new reality series just a few days off -- Flip It Like Disick makes its official debut this Sunday, Aug. 4, at 9 p.m. -- the seasoned TV personality, clothing designer and luxury house-flipper is reflecting on the ways in which he's transformed his life these last few years, both professionally and personally. In this candid sit-down interview alongside Keeping Up With the Kardashians co-star and longtime friend Khloe Kardashian, Scott tells E! News he wants to be honest about his past (even the less favorable moments) with children Mason, Penelope and Reign Disick. "I think definitely years ago there was things that I would never in a million years want my children to see or hear about. But the truth of the matter is now I've gotten to a place where I think that I will tell them all these stories," Kourtney Kardashian's ex explains, adding that his kids "probably wouldn't even believe how bad of a place I really was in" several years ago. Fans of KUWTK who remember Scott's "bad place" behavior also know the dedicated father of three has come a markedly long way since then. And, being that he's in a very different place now, he believes his past experiences could make for an important lesson about growth for his children. "Now, I have a place to actually show them like, 'Listen, this is how disgusting I was at one point,'" he continues. "'And now, let me teach you and build from here that this is not the life you want to lead.'" (Eonline)

Honey Boo Boo is in the dog house with her big sister after pretending to do a line of cocaine -- a shocking move that comes as her mother, Mama June, battles drug addiction. HBB went live on Facebook Thursday evening to answer questions from her fans, but at one point the 13-year-old got extremely agitated and yelled at her sister, "Tell me what's f**king next right now!" Then she picked up a plastic knife and said she would need to take a break. That's when she mockingly lined up something on the table, and started snorting it ... and a woman we believe to be her older sister, Pumpkin, went off. She yelled, "Alana quit f**king doing ... dont' even f**king mimic that on f**king live!!!" As we first reported, Alana's now living with Pumpkin, and has been since shortly after June and her BF, Geno, were arrested earlier this year for crack possession. The video's especially troubling since Honey Boo Boo was so distraught during her family recent attempt to have an intervention for June. One way to view this is Alana trying to mock or shame June for her ongoing drug issues. You'll recall, we got video of June and Geno outside their home right after he crashed his truck into their garage ... and he was so wasted he couldn't stand. An even sadder theory is she was mimicking something she'd seen someone do ... possibly her mother. We've reached out to a rep for the family, but no word back yet. (TMZ)

Bre Tiesi is moving on from her marriage to Johnny Manziel ... and to show she's serious, she's having the QB's initials laser removed from her body. Back when they were still a couple, Johnny and Bre hit the ink shop to memorialize their love for each other in tattoo form. She got his initials, "J.M." along with another special tattoo. Johnny also had a special tat inked on his body for Bre -- though it's unclear if he plans to keep it. As for Bre, the model announced she was leaving Johnny back in March -- after accusing him of breaking their wedding vows. She never got specific with the details but you can put 2 and 2 together. So, this week Tiesi hit up the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group to have the "J.M." laser erased from her hand ... and our sources tell us she can't wait to have a clean slate. Bre still isn't spilling the beans on exactly what happened in her marriage -- but we're told there's about a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE for a reconciliation. Bre and Johnny began dating in 2016 and got married in a small ceremony in March 2018. They split a year later. (TMZ)

Ex-MLB pitcher Tyrell Jenkins -- a 1st round draft pick in 2010 -- threw crazy haymakers in a huge brawl during a softball game in Texas this week ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 27-year-old Jenkins was a high school superstar who was recruited to play baseball and football at Baylor ... but signed a $1.3 mil contract with the STL Cardinals instead. He made his MLB debut in 2016 for the Braves ... and kicked around with a few teams before moving back home to coach youth baseball. He's now heavily involved in adult softball. Fast-forward to Wednesday ... when things got intense between Jenkins' Kekambas and the opposing team, Big Pimpins, in their USA Softball District 25 game when trash talk escalated into an all-out fight. We're told gloves were thrown, a Big Pimpins player yelled "we're ready to go when you are" ... and the fight broke out within seconds. You can see 6'4" Jenkins -- in a red shirt -- in the middle of the brawl. It's insane. We actually spoke with Jenkins who tells us he got involved to defend his teammate ... and only threw punches after an opponent tried to hit him in the head from behind (which was not captured in our video). Our softball sources tell us Jenkins, along with 3 other players, received a 1-year suspension from the league for their roles in the brawl. Two other players got 2 years suspensions. We're told law enforcement was NOT called to the scene ... and the incident was handled internally. Jenkins has been a MONSTER in Texas softball scene (which is insanely competitive) ... dude hits bombs. (TMZ)

The Philadelphia Phillies Sue to Keep Their Mascot From Becoming a Free Agent. The firm that helped design the "Phanatic" attempts to reclaim rights with a notice of copyright termination. The Philadelphia Phillies are doing more than just competing for a place in this year's baseball playoffs. On Friday, the club filed suit in New York federal court over an attempt to grab ownership to the "Phanatic," the team's mascot. According to the complaint, Bill Giles, Phillies' executive vp, created the vision for the mascot in the 1970s -- a green, fat, furry, big-nosed character accessible to children. The team says it worked with a company called Harrison/Erickson to develop the costume for the Phanatic. The firm was paid $215,000, according to the complaint. Dave Raymond, an intern in the Phillies' marketing department, is said to have donned a costume and brought the Phanatic to life at an April 25, 1978 home game. Now 40 years later, after the Phanatic has become incredibly popular, the team says it has received a notice of termination from lawyers for H/E, which was founded by Bonnie Erickson, a designer who once created Miss Piggy and other muppets working with The Jim Henson Company. (She also has apparently done work creating other mascots including those for the Montreal Expos, the Washington Wizards, and Jacksonville Jaguars.) The termination provisions of copyright law allow an author to reclaim rights after 35 years, but the Phillies say that H/E is falsely claiming it "created the copyrighted character" while "ignor[ing] The Phillies' role in designing the Phanatic's costume." In its lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgment that the termination is ineffective and that H/E cannot sue The Phillies for copyright infringement, the team's lawyers at Duane Morris offer several legal theories. First, the team says that since H/E has renegotiated the terms of a license assignment over the years, H/E has sacrificed its ability to terminate. Second, the team asserts that H/E fraudulently obtained a registration from the Copyright Office by calling the Phanatic costume an "artistic sculpture." Third, the team insists it is a co-author since it played a material role in designing the distinctive features of the costume's design, and fourth, designing the character at large. Fifth, the team says even if termination is effective, it has the right to use derivative works. Sixth, the team says that the threat to make the Phanatic a "free agent" implicates trademark law. And seventh, the Phillies says that H/E may be liable to the team for breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing. "The Club therefore requests that this Court put an immediate end to H/E's effort to hold up The Phillies with its threats of legal action and to make the Phanatic a free agent," states the complaint. "By issuing a declaratory judgment in The Phillies' favor and an injunction against H/E's threatened actions, the Court will ensure that Phillies fans will not be deprived of their beloved mascot of 41 years and that The Phillies' investment of creativity, time, effort and money in the Phanatic will not be liquidated by H/E." Since the lawsuit treads on authorship and intellectual property, the dispute drips with implications for the entertainment industry. The working and contractual relationship between the Phillies and H/E in the creation of the Phanatic will matter and determine who is really the author. If H/E can demonstrate that it really is an author of valid copyrighted material and assigned rights, a court could explore the aspect of the law that states that termination of a grant may be effectuated notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary. And the topic of using trademarks to counter copyright actions has been dealt with, including in the Supreme Court's Dastar opinion. Plus, since the Phanatic is regularly shown on television, there could also be side ramifications to the fight. In some ways, the dispute calls to mind a lengthy legal war almost a decade ago between Frederick Bouchat, an artist who created a drawing that became the basis for the Baltimore Ravens' logo, and the National Football League. After Bouchat had won the determination that the league had infringed his work, the case went up to an appellate court and had the Motion Picture Association of America weighing in on the topic of fair use of the logo. This new lawsuit also comes just a day after the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction over a copyrighted banana costume. This time, the birds are pecking. (Hollywood Reporter)


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