Dietitian Chris Mohr, Ph.D., R.D., identifies some hits and misses near the register:

"Chewing sugar-free gum is a great way to fill the void of snacking on sweets without the calories," Mohr recommends.

It has protein, which will fill you up. Plus, it's one of the few snacks in the checkout area that isn't sugary.

Granola Bar
Choose one that has a few grams of fiber and at least 10 grams of protein, says Mohr. Otherwise it's not worth it.

Chocolate Peanuts
"They're not something I'd suggest every time," says Mohr. The peanuts provide protein, but he chocolate is sugar-loaded.

Candy Bars
Most of these things have the same amount of sugar as a soda. A few have peanuts, which offer a smidge of protein.

At least they're individually wrapped and sticky, which may keep you from eating them all, Mohr says.

White Chocolate
White chocolate, despite its name, has no cocoa beans and therefore no health benefits. This is sugar and fat in bar form.


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