(from Men's Health)

10 percent of men will not have a brewski when they are alone
66 percent of men have cracked open a can at breakfast
75 percent of men blame beer for their lack of a six-pack
28 percent is how much more attractive men feel after a few cold ones
83 percent of men consider it poor form to walk away from an unfinished pint
19 percent of men would sooner spend a month away from sex than a month away from beer
27 percent of men are snobby enough to give a buddy hell for drinking a light brew
37 percent of men discard any slice of fruit that comes with their brew
50 percent of men wish beer labels would include calorie counts
33 percent of men say burying the hatchet is best done over a cold one
33 percent of men have buried a fist in someone 's face during a bar fight
74 percent of weekend beer-pong players are not college students and therefore have no excuse for their penchant for drinking games.
74 percent of guys have used a beer funnel
13 percent of men think St. Paddy's Day is the best day of the year
56 percent of men say Oktoberfest is 16 times better.


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