• Lady Gaga is being threatened with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit by an unknown songwriter who claims the melody of her Oscar-winning song "Shallow" from her hit movie "A Star Is Born" was stolen from a song he released in 2012.
  • A former Scientologist claims that Brad Pitt almost died from a scientology drug detox two decades ago during a Scientology ritual known as the "sweat box."
  • The big bomb over the weekend was that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have already split after a year of marriage.
  • In Las Vegas, a woman alleges that a monkey kept as a pet by Wayne Newton attacked her daughter in 2017, according to a lawsuit filed last week.
  • After a 10-year battle with cancer, famous Boston Marathon cheater Rosie Ruiz has died. She was 66.
  • Brook Mueller checked herself into another rehab facility last week. This would be her 20th stay.
  • In California, Manhattan Beach residents are complaining that a home painted with giant emojis could bring down property values.
  • The Yankees are going to play the White Sox at the "Field of Dreams" site in Iowa next year.
  • The Emmy Awards will NOT have a host next month.
  • The Detroit Tigers are on pace to win 49 games this year, making them one of the worst teams ever.
  • 250 percent more U.S. women took part in the Olympics in 2016 than in 1972 according to Team USA.
  • A study says coffee might be less likely to keep people awake at night than alcohol.
  • Willie Nelson now says he'll resume his concert tour in September, after he takes some time off for a 'breathing problem.'
  • Frontier Airlines is offering free flights for people with the last name "Green" or "Greene." Passengers must book a flight on, must depart on Tuesday and return by August 20, and must legally have the last name Green or Greene.
  • Samsung's Note 10 will say goodbye to the headphone jack.
  • Taylor Swift will perform live at the MTV VMA's on August 26th.
  • A new study says 1.5 million children and adults in the United States may have a sesame allergy.
  • Smokey Bear is celebrating his 75th year as the Forest Service's fire prevention symbol.
  • An asteroid bigger than a one hundred story building passed by Earth over the weekend, within about 4.6 million miles of us. It was the closest call for our planet since 2001.
  • Would you hang out with your ex? Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin apparently get along enough that they double-dated with their latest sig others at the beach on the Hamptons.
  • More than a million Indians have planted 220 million trees in a single day in a government campaign to tackle climate change and improve the environment in the country's most populated state.


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