Some 10.7 million people watched CNN's broadcast coverage of the Democratic debates' second round on night two, and a further 3.1 million viewed the network's live streaming coverage.
Lowes says it's laying off thousands of workers in favor of contract labor.
Just so you won't be shocked when you see it in the store: Oscar Mayer has come out with hot dog flavored ice cream.
If you have vacation plans in Indonesia, be careful. Six men and five women were flogged by hooded Sharia enforcer for breaking Islamic law in Indonesia, including things like "getting too close to someone of the opposite sex," gambling, drinking alcohol and having premarital sex.
Remember last week when we told you that Amanda Knox and her fiance were crowdfunding her wedding party? Now it turns out they've actually been secretly married since last December.
In some cities, they're going to have "Clowns only" screenings of "It: Chapter Two."
Jurors decided last week that Katy Perry, her collaborators and her record label owe the writers of a Christian rap song $2.78 million for stealing elements of the 2009 song "Joyful Noise" for Perry's 2013 hit "Dark Horse."
The world's most expensive Scotch? Macallan set a record in 2015 when a six-liter Lalique crystal decanter of their "M" single-malt scotch sold at auction in Hong Kong for $631,850. Six liters is the equivalent of eight regular bottles, so the price came out to $78,981 per bottle.
Jessica Simpson is coming under fire for letting her 7-year-old daughter add purple highlights to her hair. That's worth Internet controversy? Pink has dyed her daughter's hair blue to show support for Jessica and all the mom-shaming she's been receiving.
Researchers at Washington State University say they have discovered what is causing the "juiced ball" controversy in baseball. They're talking with Major League Baseball as to the next step.
Saoirse Kennedy Hill, the granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, died at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts last Thursday of a suspected overdose. She was 22.
Izzy Azalea had some harsh words for a Vegas hotel after they charged her 54 for a grilled cheese sandwich.
There's a new app out there called Swimply, which allows the owners of swimming pools to rent them out by the hour. They're already doing this in Los Angeles, where pools are renting out from $25-$150 an hour.
Royal Caribbean is claiming they have the cruise ship with the tallest waterslides at sea.
Nearly half of all singles say it's cheating if their partner has sex with a robot.
A study says it takes at least three days to get back to normal following a break from your routine.
A study says people who cheat on their spouses are most likely to be involved in workplace misconduct.
A study says Teslas are the least stolen car in the country.


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