Today In History...

In 1756 The French capture Fort Oswego, New York.
In 1846 Henry David Thoreau is jailed for tax resistance.
In 1848 The Oregon Territory is created.
In 1900 China's Boxer Rebellion, aimed at ridding China of foreigners, ends as 2000 U.S. Marines help capture Peking.
In 1917 China declares war on Germany during World War I.
In 1935 The Social Security Act becomes law creating unemployment insurance and pension plans for the elderly.
In 1941 The Atlantic Charter, a statement of principles that renounced aggression, is signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and England's Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
In 1944 The federal government allows the manufacture of certain domestic appliances, such as electric ranges and vacuum cleaners, to resume on a limited basis during World War II.
In 1945 President Harry S. Truman announces that Japan unconditionally surrendered to end World War II (V.J. Day - Victory Over Japan).
In 1947 Pakistan gains its independence from Britain.
In 1951 Newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst dies.
In 1958 The Canadian Football League plays its first game (Winnipeg 29, Edmonton 21).
In 1962 Robbers hold up a U.S. mail truck in Plymouth, MA, making off with more than $1.5 million dollars.
In 1969 British troops arrive in Northern Ireland to intervene in sectarian violence between Protestants and Roman Catholics.
In 1973 The U.S. bombing of Cambodia comes to a halt, marking the official end to 12 years of American combat in Indochina.
In 1980 President Carter is nominated for a second term by the Democratic National Convention in New York City.
In 1980 Workers go on strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, in a job action that resulted in the creation of the Solidarity labor movement.
In 1981 Pope John Paul II leaves a Rome hospital, 3 months after being wounded in an attempt on his life.
In 1984 The Soviet Union denounces President Reagan's off-the-record joke, made three days earlier, about bombing Russia.
In 1986 U.S. officials announce that members of Mexico's police force had abducted, interrogated and tortured Victor Cortez Jr., a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent.
In 1989 Pieter W. Botha resigns the presidency of South Africa after losing a bitter power struggle within his National Party.
In 1991 Freed American hostage Edward Tracy returns to the U.S., arriving in Boston, where he was reunited with his sister, Maria Lambert.
In 1991 President Bush expresses "100 percent" support for United Nations efforts to mediate a settlement to the Middle East hostage crisis.
In 1992 Federal Judge John J. Sirica, who had presided over the Watergate trials of the 1970s, dies in Washington, DC, at age 88.
In 1992 The White House announces that the Pentagon would begin emergency airlifts of food to Somalia to alleviate mass deaths by starvation.
In 1993 A jury in New York acquits Washington lawyer Robert Altman of fraud charges for dealings linked to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
In 1993 Pope John Paul II denounces abortion, euthanasia and sexual abuse by American priests in a speech at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver.
In 1995 Shannon Richey Faulkner officially becomes the first woman cadet in the history of The Citadel, South Carolina, state military college. She quits a week later.
In 1996 The Republican National Convention nominates Jack Kemp for vice president and Bob Dole for president.
In 1996 As festival-goers pack a bridge in Arequipa, Peru, for a fireworks show, a stray rocket sends high-tension line crashing into the crowd, electrocuting 35 people.
In 1997 Timothy McVeigh is formally sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing.
In 1997 Cosmonauts Vasily Tsibliyev and Alexander Lazutkin return safely to Earth after a 6-month mission aboard the Mir space station.
In 1999 Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop Pee Wee Reese dies at age 81.
In 2000 President Clinton opens the 43rd Democratic National Convention.
In 2000 The Russian navy says an explosion on a nuclear submarine trapped its crew members on the ocean floor.
In 2001 20 people detained in riots at the Group of Eight summit in Italy the previous month are ordered released. They included 3 Americans.
In 2004 15-term congressman William D. Ford dies in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan at age 77.


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