• Would you rather hold your finger in the middle of a candle flame for 10 seconds, or hold a bowling ball above your head and drop it directly onto your bare foot?
  • Would you rather clean (for a living) golfballs in the mouth or clean silverware in your mouth?
  • Would you rather live in a world where a lightbulb starts to glow above people's heads every time they begin to lie, or live in a world where every morning when they wake up everyone forgets what they were angry about yesterday?
  • Would you rather drink a cup of water from the toilet bowl at the office or slide naked into a sleeping bag only to find a large rat down at the bottom?
  • Would you rather hear your best friend say, "I really find myself attracted to your wife/husband" or hear your best friend say, "Sorry but I've just been offered your job?"
  • Would you rather run a mile with a cracked shin bone, or do 100 situps on a hardwood floor with a cracked tail bone?
  • Would you rather die by being strapped to a wrecking ball and slammed into the side of a building or, by lying in the direct path of 100 stampeding elephants?
  • Would you rather have a permanent smile on your face, or have to urinate once an hour?
  • Would you rather be able to fully comprehend any written material just by sniffing the words or be able to impersonate the voice of anybody you choose?
  • Would you rather give up caffeine for the rest of your life, or give up cursing for the rest of your life?


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