(Ladies' Home Journal) Did you ever wonder why your husband sleeps on his stomach but you can only fall asleep on your side? It's not just about comfort. According to Dr. Sleep, aka Samuel Dunkell, M.D., there are four basic sleep positions, each of which corresponds to a personality type. "The mental and emotional positions we take during the day are reflected physically in the position we assume on the bed," explains Dr. Dunkell, who has researched the body language of sleep for nearly 40 years. Here's how to decode your dozing:

Nap on your back? You're confident and at ease with yourself. Many kings slept this way it's a pose that assumes everything is coming to you.

Those who slumber on their stomachs like to be in control of things. They're hands-on, face-to-face types.

If you snooze on your side, you're emotionally and socially secure. About 65 percent of us are these centered types.

If you curl into a ball, you're sensitive, cautious and introspective, literally wrapped up in yourself.


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