Psychologist Sigmund Schwartz says "your favorite candy reveals important insights into your personality." Here's what your favorite sweet reveals about you:

Chocolate Bars
You see the big picture and tend to make long terms plans. Your passion for order and detail assures that you'll achieve whatever goals you set. Like the smooth texture of the chocolate you crave, you appreciate consistency. You're loyal to those you love and the rock solid center of your family.

Jelly Beans
You may not admit it, but you're a bit of a control freak. That's why choosing the particular color bean you'll eat satisfies your need for order. But you also appreciate the value of variety in your ideas and pursuits. As long as you can be the leader of the pack in all your activities, you're a happy person.

Malted Milk Balls
You're endlessly curious, forever delving into matters looking for hidden meaning. And just like the crunch of your favorite candy, you purse stimulation to keep your life exciting. You're happy to explore uncharted territories in search of the ultimate life experience that will affect all your senses.

Cream Filled Chocolates
You are the patient, serene person who others turn to for advice and loving support. And just like the vanilla center of your treat, you exude an aura of security that children especially appreciate. Sweet natured and sincere, even strangers are apt to trust you completely on first meeting.

You're a natural born charmer who's as smooth as this melt in your mouth candy in social situations. You also have the gift of gab and effortlessly get yourself out of most jams. Although you're often forgetful and don't always follow through on your promises, people still crave your company.


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