Dr. Robert Kushner, medical director of Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Wellness Institute in Chicago and co-author with Nancy Kushner of "Dr. Kushner's Personality Type Diet" says "behavior patterns, habits, quirks, and moods that determine the ability or inability to succeed" at weight control. Some of the eating behavior categories identified by Dr. Kushner:

Can't-Say-No Pleasers
They are generally good-natured with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to family, co-workers, and volunteer causes, but they don't take care of their own health.

Unrealistic Achievers
They are typically very successful in their work and home lives, but no matter how much weight they lose, it's never enough. And that makes them frustrated and discouraged.

Nighttime Nibblers
They load up on calories in the evening.

Unguided Grazers
They eat without structure or planning and choose the food they eat based solely on convenience and accessibility, rather than real hunger.

Convenient Consumers
These folks mostly consume food that is packaged, bagged, microwaveable, and frozen. That means it's also higher in fat, sodium, and calories and lower in fiber than fresh home-prepared foods.

Fruitless Feasters
Mmmm... meat and potatoes. These cavemen and cavewomen shun nutritious, low-calorie fruits and vegetables and feast on roast beef and tater tots instead.

Mindless Munchers
They eat in response to "cues," such as commercials or vending machines.

Hearty Portioners
This is the "clean-your-plate" crowd. If they can see the food, smell the food, or reach the food, they're going to eat the food.

Deprived Sneakers
They put on quite a show, eating "good-for-you" food in public and then sneaking the "bad" stuff in private. Figure out what ties you to the refrigerator and you can loosen the leash and lose weight.


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