• UK researchers found that people were up to 63 percent more likely to eat from a candy bowl if it was positioned about 8 inches away than if it was about 28 inches away. Even this short distance may increase "perceived effort."
  • 3% of guys have lied to their significant other about the cost of the engagement ring.
  • Joking on the job strengthens bonds between employees, improving communication and performance, a study from the University of Missouri at Columbia suggests.
  • Three-quarters of American children simply do not know their home phone numbers.
  • Around 35% of us have used a tanning bed this to improve our moods in the winter months.
  • According to ManPower.com, research reveals 26% of us hide out in the bathroom to relax at work.
  • 3 out of 4 American dog owners believe their pets can predict the weather better than a professional.
  • How many dots total on a pair of dice? Forty-two (42).


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