FLIRTING & DATING offers these flirting tips for men:

  • Master the art of eye contact. You know when it's happening. You're looking at her; now she's looking at you. Once you're sure you're both playing the game, try acknowledging it. Wave, smile or make some non-threatening gesture.
  • Take the direct approach. Walk up to her and say, "Hi, my name is ..."
  • Drop all pretense and be yourself. There's nothing creepier than flirting with someone who isn't visible beneath the charm. Be yourself and flirt in the spaces in between.
  • Give her an honest, original, tasteful, cheese-free compliment. Don't press the point or pile on other compliments; just let the conversation move on. If you can pull it off gracefully, she'll love hearing about herself without being put on the spot.
  • Begin with body language. Be aware of body language - both yours and hers. Does she lean in? Are you both facing each other? Are her legs crossed? These are all good signs. Try touching her subtly and see if she responds.
  • Remember the kid in you. Have a good time. Flirting should be fun and innocent.


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