"McDonalds to Replace Their Employees with Burger Bots!"
Trash! They're afraid if they did that, they'd run into problems with the Ham-Hacker.

"Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Pointing Finger Gun at Neighbor!"
Truth! The "victim" later told police that he had felt "extremely threatened" by the gesture. It's actually illegal and 64-year-old Stephen Kirchner was charged with disorderly conduct. He paid a $100 fine plus court costs!

"Schools to Start Punishing Kids Using Dunk Tanks!"
Trash! But it would sure make discipline a lot more fun!

"Woman Dies by Rooster Attack!"
Truth! In Australia while the poor woman was collecting eggs. The rooster kept pecking at her legs, hit a varicose vein, and she bled out before help could arrive.

"New iPhone 11 Tells You Where Nearest Restroom Is!"
Trash! You're a big boy. You should be able to do that by yourself.

"Two Sisters Now Army Generals!"

Truth! Maj. Gen. Maria Barrett and younger sister Brig. Gen. Paula Lodi
have made the mark and Acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy says the two women "represent the best America has to offer." It's the first time in the Army's 244-year history we've had sister generals.

"Man Visits Over 15,000 Starbucks!"
Truth! Rafael Lozano started his mission to visit every single Starbucks back in 1997, and while he's visited 15, 061 so far, there are over 30,000 Starbucks locations across the globe. He may not make it saying he's sick of Starbucks now.

"Football Cuts Down Husband's Household Productivity by 20%!"
Trash! You're dreaming if you think it's that low.


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