• If you were in charge of mowing the lawn at the White House, you would need 8 hours to do it.
  • A recent study labeled men who wear Hawaiian shirts as 'vulgar' and 'inauthentic.'
  • 70% of people who say they have self-esteem issues also admit to honking their horn.
  • The little finger is the smallest on your hand. This finger is actually responsible for 50% of your hand strength.
  • A survey reveals that one in three snake bite victims were drunk when bitten.
  • 10% of women say they've hidden snacks in the bedroom and their partner doesn't known about it.
  • Even though a lot of people think shaving regularly makes the hair grow back faster, there is no scientific evidence of this.
  • Three quarters of women find if a man is wearing a gold chain, it's "super tacky."
  • California is home to the largest what? The largest county (San Bernardino County).


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