• It's not even officially Fall until next Monday, but Beartooth Pass, Montana, is expecting up to a foot of small by tomorrow.
  • There's another lawsuit against Antonio Brown. This one from a doctor who claims that Brown owes him $11,500 in unpaid fees. To make matters worse, Dr. Victor Prisk claims that during an exam, Brown repeatedly farted in his face and laughed about it after showing up three hours late.
  • Eminem says he is currently working on his next album.
  • Ric Ocasek‘s cause of death was revealed on Monday, one day after he was found dead in his home at age 75. The Cars frontman died naturally of heart disease, according to the NYC Medical Examiner's Office.
  • A member of New York City's commission that oversees art and architecture on city property has suggested that instead of simply adding statues of historical female figures to Central Park, the panel yank out some of the male ones first.
  • Sean Spicer made his "Dancing With the Stars" debut Monday night and it was a hot problematic mess reminder that this is the guy who once hid in the bushes to avoid reporters.
  • Michael Strahan and his ex-wife Jean Muggli were back in court Monday fighting over child support payments and the cost of horseback riding for their twin daughters.
  • Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang plans to meet with Shane Gillis after the comedian was axed from "Saturday Night Live" for using racial slurs targeting Asians.
  • Kevin Hart faces a $60 million lawsuit after model and actress Montia Sabbag accused the comedian of negligence, infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy stemming from a 2017 incident. It didn't help that the two had sex, it was videotaped and uploaded to the Internet.
  • The fed is expected to cut interest rates another quarter percent today.
  • Alex Trebek is back as host of Jeopardy, but he also admits he's back in chemotherapy, after his numbers went sky high.
  • Meanwhile, back at Buckingham Palace: Apparently palace aides are warning the Queen's guests not to bring up Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Queen was reportedly "hurt" that Meghan went to NYC instead of coming to Balmoral on holiday with the royals.
  • Berlin police say that in the three months they've had e-scooters, there have been 74 accidents involving them.
  • A new study has found that the average American lives within 18 miles of their mom.
  • Not only is Scarlett Johansson getting her own "Black Widow" superhero movie, but Robert Downey, Jr. is going to make an appearance in the film as "Iron Man." It's said to be set before what happened in the last Avengers movie.
  • Sinead O'Connor says that Prince once threatened her and chased her in his car after she ignored his request to stop swearing.
  • Courtney Love says that Britain's Prince Andrew once showed up at her door at 1am for "a booty call" after being introduced to her by Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Strawberry Field, the Salvation Army children's home in Liverpool near John Lennon's childhood home that inspired the Beatles' 1967 classic "Strawberry Fields Forever," is finally opened to the public.
  • A solid gold toilet was stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace.
  • A study says making decisions on an empty stomach may lead to poor choices.
  • They say that drug dealers are now turning to Facebook, Twitter and Google to sell steroids.
  • On Kelly Clarkson's new show today, she pulls off an "American Idol" reunion with Simon, Randy, Paula and Justin Guarini.
  • Longtime ABC News journalist and political commentator Cokie Roberts has died at the age of 75. She lost her battle to breast cancer.
  • There IS going to be a "Saved by the Bell" reunion, which NBC is going to use to attract people to their new streaming service, called Peacock.
  • Chipotle is adding Carne Asada to its menu, starting tomorrow.


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