• In a recent Yahoo! survey, 15% of couples say they food shop, but they do it separately.
  • In another Yahoo survey, 29% of guys admit to talking to their car on pretty much a daily basis while driving.
  • Half of us say taking off your shoes is never okay to do while at work.
  • Around 3% of humans are born with Phonagnosia. This is a condition where you find it difficult to recognize different voices, no matter how familiar you are with the person. It can also lead to loss of memory.
  • About a third of homes have a Scrabble board game, and it's almost always in the closet.
  • The three most borrowed items in the U.S. are pens, lighters and jumper cables.
  • As men grow older, they do less crying.
  • A study out of Australia found a good way to get healthy is to simply quit working.
  • According to Travelmath, 28% of women do this on an airplane flight. Pray.


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