• "Sunday Night Football" on NBC attracted 22.2 million television viewers and an average streaming viewership of 523,000, making this year's Sunday kickoff about level with last year's numbers.
  • President Donald Trump fired National Security Adviser John Bolton yesterday after a string of disagreements between the two over how the U.S. should handle North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran.
  • Superbia Credit Union is the country's first LGBT financial institution. It's designed for LGBT customers, planning online service beginning in early 2020.
  • McDonald's is said to be working on using A.I. to make drive-through windows completely automated.
  • Beginning tomorrow, you can order a "Day of the Dead" limited-edition Barbie at Wal-Mart or on Amazon, retailing for $75.
  • The amusement park at Coney Island in Cincinnati is going to close forever on September 21.
  • Volkswagen has a new logo, which they feel looks friendlier.
  • The group Tool kicked Taylor Swift off the top of the album chart with their new release.
  • A study says vegans have a lower risk of heart disease than meat eaters but a higher risk of stroke. So choose your poison.
  • Chance the Rapper was scheduled to go on tour beginning next week, but he's pushing it back until next year to spend more time with his family. Last week, he became father to another baby girl, Marli.
  • In Chicago, people claim they see tears coming from the eyes of a Virgin Mary statue at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Chicago's Northwest Side.
  • During Fashion Week in New York, the mild buzz is that high heels may be on the way out.
  • Lea Michele from "Glee" was gaining weight and having skin issues, so she went to a doctor and found out she had PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome. A hormone imbalance that affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age.
  • Kanye West has spent $14-million on a ranch in Wyoming and has been seen touring elementary schools.
  • In Nebraska, a man was arrested for threatening a strip club employee with a pellet gun and impersonating a police officer. His name: Keith Urban. Different one.
  • A deliveryman in New York has been accused of stealing $90,000 worth of cake. David Lliviganay, an employee of Lady M Confections, is said to have smuggled 1,020 of their cakes out of their Long Island City warehouse on dozens of occasions over the past few months.


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