Born On This Day...

In 63 -BC- First Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar
In 1713 Ferdinand VI, king of Spain (1746-59)
In 1745 Pioneer, John Sevier (first governor of Tennessee)
In 1791 German astronomer, Johann Encke (Encke's Comet)
In 1800 Educator, William H. McGuffey (McGuffey Readers)
In 1819 Physicist, Armand Hippolyte Louis Fizeau (measured speed of light)
In 1838 Feminist, Victoria Woodhull (first woman to run for president)
In 1850 Poet/journalist, Eugene Field (Little Boy Blue)
In 1852 Surgeon, William Halsted (established first U.S. surgical school)
In 1861 German engineer, Robert Bosch (invented the spark plug)
In 1865 Author, Baroness Emmusky Orczy (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
In 1880 Nutritionist, John Boyd Orr
In 1889 Political columnist/journalist, Walter Lippmann
In 1899 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Tom C. Clark (1949-67)
In 1890 Friedrich Paulus, led German 6th Army on Stalingrad (WWII)
In 1897 Surrealistic painter, Paul Delvaux
In 1897 Actor, Walter Pigeon (Forbidden Planet, Mrs. Miniver)
In 1899 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Tom C. Clark (1949-67)
In 1900 Sculptor/artist, Louise Nevelson [d: 4-17-88]
In 1910 Writer, Elliot Roosevelt (Murder in the Oval Office) [d: 10-27-90]
In 1920 Actor, Mickey Rooney (Andy Hardy, Sugar Babies) [d: 4-6-14]
In 1924 Actress, Gail Russell (Wake of Red Witch, Uninvited) [d: 8-26-61]
In 1926 Saxophonist, John Coltrane (Round Midnight) [d: 7-17-67]
In 1926 Actor, John Ericson (Sam Bolt-Honey West) (93)
In 1929 Bassist, Jimmy Woode (Duke Ellington) [d: 4-23-05]
In 1930 Actor, Colin Blakely (King Lear, Equus, Shattered) [d: 5-7-87]
In 1930 Singer, Ray Charles (Hit the Road Jack) [d: 6-10-04]
In 1934 Swedish writer, Per Olov Enquist (Hour of the Lynx) (85)
In 1938 Actress, Romy Schneider (Bloodline, Death Watch) [d: 5-29-82]
In 1939 Blues singer/guitarist, Roy Buchanan [d: 8-14-88]
In 1940 Folk singer, Tim Rose (Big Three) [d: 9-24-02]
In 1941 Football player, Bob Vogel (Colts, Super Bowl III, V) (78)
In 1942 Flutist, Jeremy Steig (Johnny Winter) [d: 4-13-06]
In 1943 Singer/guitarist, Steve Boone (The Lovin' Spoonful) (76)
In 1943 Singer, Julio Iglesias (To All the Girls, Crazy) (76)
In 1943 Singer, Wallace Scott (The Whispers) (76)
In 1944 Astronaut, Loren J. Shriver (STS-51C, 31, 46) (75)
In 1945 Actor/singer, Paul Petersen (Jeff Stone-Donna Reed Show) (74)
In 1947 Singer/songwriter, Jerry Corbetta (Sugarloaf) [d: 9-16-16]
In 1947 Actress/singer, Mary Kay Place (Mary Hartman, The Big Chill) (72)
In 1947 Drummer, Neal Smith (Alice Cooper, Plasmatics) (72)
In 1949 Singer/songwriter, Bruce Springsteen (Born in the USA) (70)
In 1949 Actress, Patty Weaver (Days Of Our Life, Young & Restless) (70)
In 1956 Country singer, June Forester (Forrester Sisters) (63)
In 1956 Actress, Maren Jensen (Athena-Battlestar Galactica) (63)
In 1957 Actress, Rosalind Chao (Keiko O'Brien-Deep Space Nine) (62)
In 1958 Golfer, Larry Mize (61)
In 1959 Actor, Jason Alexander (George Costanza-Seinfeld) (60)
In 1960 Actor, Jason Carter (Marcus Cole-Babylon 5) (59)
In 1961 Actor, Chi McBride (John Larroquette, The Kid, Boston Public) (58)
In 1961 Actress, Elizabeth Pena (La Bamba, Lone Star, LA Law) [d: 10-14-14]
In 1964 Actor, Erik Todd Dellums (The Doors, Dr. Dolittle) (55)
In 1964 U.S. runner, Diane Dixon (Olympic-Silver-1988) (55)
In 1966 Football player, Tony Mandarich (53)
In 1969 Actress, Michelle Thomas (Cosby Show, Family Matters) [d: 12-22-98]
In 1970 Folk singer, Ani DiFranco (49)
In 1972 Singer, Sarah Bettens (K's Choice) (47)
In 1974 Drummer, Mike Felumlee (Smoking Popes) (45)
In 1975 Actor, Kip Pardue (Driven, Rules of Attraction) (44)
In 1978 Actor, Anthony Mackie (Million Dollar Baby, Captain America) (41)
In 1978 Actress, Keri Lynn Pratt (America's Sweethearts) (41)
In 1979 Singer, Erik-Michael Estrada (Making The Band) (40)
In 1983 Drummer, Ryan Seaman (36)
In 1984 Baseball player, Matt Kemp (Dodgers) (35)
In 1984 Actress, Anneliese Van der Pol (That's So Raven) (35)
In 1987 Actor, Skylar Astin (21 and Over) (32)
In 1994 Singer, Willie Jones (The X Factor) (25)
In 2000 Dancer, Kalani Hilliker (Dance Moms) (19)


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