• A study found that you spend 377 hours a year preparing meals by making breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. (62 hours making breakfast. 94 hours making lunch. 213 hours making dinner. And eight hours making snacks.)
  • When it comes to driving, women are better at using turn signals than men.
  • Married couples are three times more likely to argue about family obligations during the holidays, than any other time of the year.
  • 40% of people consider pizza the top "cheat" meal while trying to lose weight.
  • 30% of people in a survey said they would give up dessert for a year to have a nice smile.
  • Husbands and wives who hold in their anger die earlier than "expressive" couples who argue loudly and then resolve the conflict.
  • 20% of women in a recent survey said if they're being honest, they will admit, they have prayed before stepping on a scale.
  • 56% of brides won't book a wedding venue unless it has good Wi-Fi.
  • 29% of Americans say this is our favorite thing about fall. What is it? A lower electric bill.


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