Your walk is a combination of posture, pace and grace and people may form opinions about you simply by the way you move:

Eyes straight ahead
Your mind is brimming with imaginative ideas and you have the creative know how to make them a reality. You're a bit of a loner who's motivated by working on projects without outside interference. Your ability to keenly focus on a problem assures your success both at work and at home. Others know you'll save the day.

Long, fast strut
You have an electrifying presence that makes you the center of attention at any gathering. Your sexy stride gives the impression that you have long legs even if you're short. Your obvious self confidence also draws positive reactions because confidence is considered the most attractive trait of both men and women.

Slower walk
Your sure and measured steps give the immediate impression that you're fully in charge of your world. People naturally perceive you as a leader and turn to you for guidance. Loved ones depend on your upbeat and positive counsel, knowing that you'll thoughtfully consider all angles before offering ideas or advice.

Arms swinging
Your delightful walk leaves no doubt that you're physically fit and full of energy. You enjoy outdoor activities and thrive on getting daily exercise. Although your arms take up more space than some walkers, you're assertive rather than intimidating. And your sunny smile makes you so approachable that people flock to your side.

Bouncy steps
With your shoulders back and a spring in your step, you are the picture of a happy person with few cares. Your contentment is rarely shattered since you're stunningly resilient in the face of adversity. No matter what comes around the corner, you can be depended upon to keep your cool while others melt down, handling crises with aplomb.


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