• A family buys a new jar of mustard every 50 days.
  • Women do take photos three times as much as men do, but 50 years ago, it was the opposite.
  • In a poll of expectant moms, Nachos ranked as the most-craved.
  • 52% of women say that eating chocolate makes them happy.
  • According to Travel Magazine, 21% of Americans would like to take their family on a vacation to the moon.
  • 72% of women say if a guy smokes, it's a huge turn off if he does it on a first date.
  • On the list of words that are the same in ten different languages, "Taxi" is number one and "Amen" is number two.
  • Almost 70% of us think college basketball coaches are overpaid.
  • 20% of parents say they are one of these? A stay-at-home parent.


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