Men's Health gives us this survey on money and the above average guy:

62 years old is the average age an American man retires
$1.8 million - What the experts say he'll need to live comfortably until he dies or turns 92.
$124,831 - Is the amount of money he actually has saved, by the time he's 52.
38 - Years is the amount of time it would take to become a millionaire if you save $1,000 a month, staring right now, at a 4 percent annual rate of return.
$3,154 - Is the amount of money guys spend dining out each year.
$1,100 - Is the sum you'd save if you packed your lunch every day instead of blowing it at the deli.
$200,000 - Annual income the average family man thinks, he needs to attain life satisfaction. Most guys aren't even close.
$35,594 - Is the average guy's annual income by the time he's 30 years old.
$57,239 - Is his average annual income by the time he hits 50.
46 percent - Of U.S. men who own zero stocks.
56 percent - Of guys keep and stay on a budget.


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