• If you own a smart phone you're more likely to be a victim of identity theft.
  • Sleep is the first thing most people think about every day.
  • The first male flight attendant started in 1922, the first female in this profession started in 1930.
  • The typical American child will go through 730 crayons before their 10th birthday.
  • Ivory soap was accidentally invented in 1879 when a worker made a mistake while making a product. The product was shipped out because the worker didn't tell anyone, but it turned out people ended up asking for the "soap that floats."
  • A recent Lovefilm.com poll suggests that, contrary to popular belief, men really do enjoy watching romantic films, even if they might not admit to it.
  • 68% of U.S. adults take vitamin supplements. 53% are regular users, while 12% are occasional users. 72% of women who take supplements and 64% of men also take supplements.
  • According to USA Today, the average person has at least an old key on their keychain that they haven't used in a year or longer.
  • 30% of us are more likely to do this when the weather is warmer. Socialize with friends.


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