Your girl may tell you a lot - sometimes it seems she never stops talking, in fact -- but she doesn't tell you everything. No matter how much she shares with you, there are five things almost every woman keeps to herself.

She lets you fix things.
We don't know a single woman who -- if pressed -- couldn't unclog a toilet or tell you the difference between a Phillips and flathead screwdriver. But if it makes you happy to play Mr. Fixit, who are we to stop you? We like not having to do it ourselves and, besides, it can be fun rewarding our big, strong man for a job well done.

She gets hit on all the time.
Your paranoid fears have good cause. When we go out without you - or even when you're just in the bathroom - we are regularly approached by some lecherous dude hoping to steal us away. But because we'd never dream of taking them up on the offer, we don't want to worry you by letting you know about it. (Besides, we like the confidence boost!)

She's already decided if she'd marry you or not.
She may not be in any rush down the aisle, but most women do want to get married someday. So we've been gauging your husband potential since our first date. Chance are, if you've been together awhile, you're looking pretty good. But she can't tell you that without worrying that you'll rush out so fast you'll leave a man-shaped hole in the door.

She doesn't have all the relationship answers.
Sure, we love Oprah, read self-help books and spend hours analyzing you with our girlfriends. We like to use therapy lingo and aren't afraid to tell you what you're doing wrong in our relationship. But if we really had all the answers we wouldn't need Oprah, women's magazines or self-help books. They continue to thrive just because we haven't figured you boys out yet.

She has at least one really big secret.
She cheated on you. Or she battled some personal demons earlier in her life. She's got a shameful family secret or a mind-bogglingly high credit card bill. She had a threesome in college. Somewhere in there, your girl -- no matter how "good" -- has a deep, dark secret she is just not going to tell you or anyone.


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