Vanderpump Rules' Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Just Got an Official Marriage License in Las Vegas. Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney are headed back down the aisle, but this time it's for real. On the heels of Lance Bass' accidental confession that the Vanderpump Rules stars weren't legally married, E! News can exclusively reveal they've just obtained a marriage license in -- where else? -- Las Vegas! From photos shared to Tom and Katie's Instagram accounts, the longtime couple is indeed vacationing in Sin City, while newlyweds Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright as well as Randall Emmett have also recently touched down in Vegas. Tom and Katie's actual wedding plans still remain under wraps, but the marriage license certainly suggests these reality TV stars are well on their way to exchanging vows all over again. Just last week, the topic of Tom and Katie's relationship status faced renewed interest after Lance offered a heartfelt apology for spilling the beans. Lance previously said that while attending Jax and Brittany's June wedding a rumor started going around that Tom and Katie failed to properly complete their marriage paperwork. "Lot of times," the singer explained on ABC's Strahan & Sara, "people forget that I've been in entertainment news for the last 15 years. So, you know, when there's pieces of nuggets out there, I'm going to talk about it. I didn't know it was a secret." Tom and Katie invited Vanderpump Rules to document their Aug. 2016 nuptials on Season 5 of the Bravo series. "I'm so happy to have married my best friend and love that I finally get to call Tom my husband," the bride gushed to E! News at the time. "Celebrating with our closest friends and family has been nothing short of an amazing experience." Congratulations to the "bubbas" on making their love officially official! (Eonline)

Why It's "Inevitable" Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Will Get Back Together. It's not all bad news for fans of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse. A source is shedding light on the reason behind the couple's surprising breakup. "Their relationship has always been up and down," the insider explains. "They split this time after an argument while on their break from filming. Cole decided to end the relationship." However, the source tells E! News that their reconciliation is "inevitable," especially considering they play a couple on Riverdale. "Now that filming is happening again, it is very likely they will mend the relationship and get back together. They spend A LOT of time together on set," the source shares. The insider adds, "They have a lot of chemistry and it's hard for them to deny that they truly care about each other." At the moment, the A-listers are still broken up, but the source says they are already "on better terms and are talking about the future." Unsurprisingly, the entire Riverdale casts is "rooting for Cole and Lili," says the source. After all, the CW show is what brought the Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones stars together. Nonetheless, the actors are trying not to make a bigger deal out of the split than it needs to be. The source explains, "The cast all try and make light of the situation with jokes on set. It is a very close-knit family and so they try and brush their issues under the rug because they have to spend a lot of time together." But if the pair doesn't get back together as expected, there will be no hard feelings or taking sides. "No matter what the outcome is, they will all still be friends," the source insists. (Eonline)

Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and semi-conscious in his jail cell, and officials are investigating the incident as a possible suicide attempt ... TMZ has confirmed. Law enforcement sources say Epstein -- who is currently locked up in a Manhattan federal jail for sex trafficking -- was found by guards in his cell Wednesday night with marks around his neck. We're told the circumstances leading up to his injuries are currently unclear, but one possibility is Epstein tried to kill himself. We're told Epstein is expected to survive. NBC New York -- who first reported the story -- says one law enforcement source tells them it's possible he may have been attacked by another inmate. The report also says another source claims Epstein may have self-inflicted the wounds around his neck in order to get a jail transfer. Epstein was denied bail on July 18 and is currently awaiting trial ... no trial date has been set. The registered sex offender is accused of exploiting a multitude of underage girls in the early 2000s. Most recently, investigators found through a search warrant a fake passport and a massive stash of cash at one of Epstein's properties. Our sources say Epstein is currently under suicide watch. (TMZ)

A$AP Rocky has just been charged with a crime after spending weeks in a Swedish jail ... prosecutors just hit him with Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm stemming from a street brawl in the country's capital ... and if convicted he could spend 2 years behind bars. The prosecutor said A$AP will continue to be held in jail pending a trial ... and the trial date has not been set, although it could be today. A rep for the prosecutor tells TMZ the trial will be held within the next 2 weeks. The prosecutor expects the trial will last 3 days. Two members of Rocky's crew have also been charged with the same crime and they will also be held pending trial. The Swedish prosecutor just boasted he had access to more information than people on the internet. He said he's reviewed video and also talked to witnesses, and determined the claims by Rocky and his 2 crew members of self-defense and provocation didn't hold water, despite the fact the alleged victim is the one who unrelentingly harassed and attacked Rocky and his crew first. The prosecutor says he also considered the alleged victim's statement, which he says was supported by witness statements. We're told the alleged victim admits striking A$AP's bodyguard with a set of headphones, but only after the bodyguard lifted him off the ground by his neck, so the prosecutor viewed the headphones attack as self-defense. BTW, the lifting by the neck is not on video, and interestingly, if the prosecutor really felt the bodyguard was the aggressor, he would have been presumably charged ... and the bodyguard has already been cleared. The charge has been 3 weeks in the making ... A$AP has been in jail alongside two of his associates since turning himself in to Swedish authorities earlier this month. Prosecutors inadvertently played their hand last week, announcing they were going to charge the Harlem rapper ... and on Thursday the hammer finally dropped. The only good news for Rocky ... he and his crew will not be charged with Aggravated Assault, a more serious crime which carries a 6-year prison sentence. As we reported ... the man who attacked A$AP's crew in the streets of Stockholm will NOT be prosecuted for any crime, even though he incited the violence and kept harassing Rocky until he eventually snapped. In the initial video ... you hear A$AP attempting to diffuse the situation, playing peacemaker and saying no one wants to go to jail. In video from the street brawl ... A$AP finally loses his cool, throwing his attacker to the ground and absolutely pummeling the guy. The Swedish justice system is not bowing to pressure from the U.S. government ... with the Prime Minister essentially telling President Trump and the State Dept. to butt out after their attempts to free A$AP. A$AP'S mom thinks Sweden is out to get her son, and she believes it's because he's black ... even though A$AP himself says he won't make race an issue in his assault case. UPDATE: The prosecutor tells TMZ ... he will NOT recommend the full 2-year sentence if A$AP is convicted. He won't say what his recommendation will be, he says it depends on how the trial unfolds. As for the trial, he's recommending it begin next Tuesday, and continue Thursday and Friday. BTW, a panel of 4 judges will hear the case, and at least 3 of them must decide an assault was committed for a conviction. If it's a tie, the prosecutor can ask for a new trial. If Rocky is convicted, a judge will decide the sentence a week later. (TMZ)

The man at the center of the A$AP Rocky assault case -- the man who provoked the rapper and even attacked him before A$AP reluctantly snapped back -- was convicted of criminal assault in Sweden 3 years ago. Mustafa Jafari, Rocky's alleged victim, was convicted of striking a man in his forehead and beating the victim's face back in 2016, when Jafari was 16 years old. It happened on the streets of Stockholm, the very place Jafari harassed and assaulted A$AP and his crew earlier this month. Jafari was prosecuted and convicted of assault, and his sentence ... 30 hours of community service. He was also ordered to pay his victim around $500 in cash. Jafari was also convicted of 2 minor drug offenses ... one in November 2017 and the other in May 2018. He was ordered to pay a fine for both, but served no jail time. As we reported, Jafari was the instigator in the A$AP Rocky incident -- he's the guy in the white shirt. Prosecutors have cleared him, claiming he was acting in self-defense. Rocky, who pled with Jafari to leave him and his crew alone before finally snapping, has now been charged with assault and could face 2 years in prison if convicted. (TMZ)


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