(Men's Health) Though dozens of potential benefits are under investigation, there are exactly four that have been proved. Three are for the whole plant. The fourth is for a concentrated version of cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD):

Counters serious nausea
The antiemetic effect was noted by the first generation of AIDS sufferers, who used marijuana to help them through the wasting effects of the disease. It also brought their appetites back. Later, these effects were proven in chemotherapy patients.

Soothes chronic pain
Especially cancer pain, chemotherapy-induced pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. A recent JAMA Internal Medicine study found that opioid prescriptions went down in states that had legalized access to medical marijuana.

Helps people with MS move better
Multiple sclerosis can cause muscles to seize up, making movement difficult. Not so much after using cannabis.

Treats seizures
In June, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a cannabidiol connectrate that helps reduce seizures in two kinds of childhood epilepsy.


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