Cameron Boyce's Family Reunites With Descendants Co-Stars at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony. Wednesday's Hollywood Walk of Fame induction was extra special for the Disney community. As Kenny Ortega received his star Wednesday afternoon, the Descendants and High School Musical director was able to receive support from Cameron Boyce's family. The actor's dad Victor and sister Maya were in attendance for the special moment that included several Disney stars. And during Kenny's speech, the director couldn't help but recall the talented actor that starred in several of his films. "Cameron Boyce was so excited for me... His all too brief appearance in this life, though, inspired me beyond words and many of us here and generations of kids and families all over this world," Kenny shared in video captured by Variety. "His extraordinary talent and loving heart will be remembered through his foundation. The foundation is called The Cameron Boyce Foundation and has been set up by his family to remember Cameron by continuing his pursuit to make positive change in the world." Kenny added, "Cameron said we can't take it with us so it's about what you leave and with this I promise Cameron that I will carry this goodness with me in all the days of my life." Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey and Kathy Najimy were able to speak during the ceremony. In addition, Disney stars Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Mitchell Hope and Monique Coleman were on hand to support Kenny. On July 7, news broke that Cameron had passed away in his sleep due to a seizure, which was a result of an ongoing condition for which he was being treated. He was just 20 years old. "The pain we have endured and are continuing to endure is indescribable, but we are making every effort to move forward and ensure that Cameron's legacy and all that he stood for is honored," his parents shared in a previous statement to E! News. "He was and is, so cherished and we will hold him in our hearts forever. He is our shooting star." Before his Walk of Fame ceremony, Kenny also paid tribute to his close friend and co-star in a letter to People. "He was a young person with not only an electric gift as a performer but a big heart. We had plans to continue forward as creative partners, to find that next project. Now it's not a movie -- it's supporting his family and the foundation," Kenny shared with the publication. "That's how we give importance to who he was." (Eonline)

Seth MacFarlane just made a young fan's dream come true ... and the kid's whole family joined in on the Hollywood adventure. Thanks to Seth and the Kids Wish Network ... Chance Yon -- who has cerebral palsy and suffers from ROHHAD -- got to spend the day with his hero at the animation studios of "Family Guy" in L.A. We're told Chance and his family were flown out Tuesday and greeted with balloons, welcome signs and MacFarlane himself. They had lunch, and then Seth drew and signed sketches for Chance and even voiced some of his favorite characters for him. Mila Kunis and Seth Green -- voices of Meg and Chris -- also chatted with Chance on the phone. That's not all -- he got to preview a future episode and spend time with director John Holmquist along with writers and animators, who transformed Chance into his own character to join the Griffins. And, get this -- Chance and his mom even voiced Chris and Lois for a special video clip just for him. To top it all off ... this was Chance's first time flying and was a bit overwhelming, so MacFarlane hooked the family up with his private jet for their trip back home. Their luggage was loaded with "Family Guy," "American Dad!" and "The Orville" swag too!!! (TMZ)

No wonder she always looks so gorgeous. A top British plastic surgeon claims the Duchess of Cambridge uses Botox, hints she is a client and has displayed alleged "before and after" photos of the royal to promote the procedure. Dr. Munir Somji, of the Dr. Medi Spa Clinic in the London cosmetic surgery capital of Harley Street, posted the images on his Instagram account. He writes: "Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox" under two photos of the 37-year-old royal. In the "before" picture, she looks tired and has wrinkles. In the "after," the mom-of-three appears unblemished and radiant. "Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead," points out the physician. "But also note the depression of the medial (middle part) brow but elevation of the . The award-winning surgeon's words have drawn a warm reaction from some of the spa's 48.6K Instagram followers. However, one user, Monica Bijlani, comments: "That's mean" alongside a concerned face emoji. In a statement to The New York Post, a spokesman for Kensington Palace says that the Dr. Medi Spa post is "categorically not true" and "in addition, The Royal Family never endorse commercial activity." So-called "baby" Botox involves injecting multiple amounts of the botulinum toxin into the face to paralyze the underlying muscles. It is designed to create a subtle, more natural look. The Duchess of Cambridge at Wimbledon 2019 on July 14 in London. Getty Images Asked whether Kate Middleton is indeed a client of Dr. Medi Spa -- a mere 10-minute drive from her home in Kensington Palace -- the clinic was coy. "We wouldn't be able to disclose whether she is a client or not," marketing manager Sammy Curry tells The Post. "We have non-disclosure agreements where we can't disclose our high-end clients. We absolutely can't comment at all that she has come to us." She said Dr. Somji posted Kate's photos to Instagram because: "He thought it was a good comparison picture to use to show the effects of Botox and obviously baby Botox which he does himself. "He just wanted to show the transformation that it can create and obviously how it can be used for subtle results and how it's really good for anti-aging." She explains that baby Botox is the same as Botox, but the way it is injected is different. It is deposited in smaller measures in more sites along the forehead and around the mouth than normal. "This gives the effect of Botox, but you won't have the frozen look," adds Curry. "You will get expression in your face. It's good as a starting point off with Botox because it has more subtle results than going into a normal procedure of Botox." As for Dr. Somji using the expression "Our Kate" she claims that she thinks he is referring to "The UK's Kate," not the spa's Kate as such. (Page Six)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joined native Hawaiians for a peaceful protest against a $1.4 billion telescope project at the top of volcano Mauna Kea Wednesday, according to reports. "What I realized today ... it's bigger than the telescope," Johnson told reporters during the protest, which is in its 10th day. "It's humanity. It's the culture. It's our people, Polynesian people, who are willing to die here to protect this land," The Huffington Post reported. "This very sacred land that they believe in so powerfully," he added. Johnson was born in California but attended high school in Honolulu. Construction on the Thirty Meter Telescope was scheduled to start on July 15 the day the protests began. Demonstrators blocked the road and chained themselves to a gate at the construction site. On Wednesday, protesters chanted and danced the hula. Astronomers say the 18-story tall telescope, which is funded by private companies and public universities would give an unrivaled view of the cosmos, but protesters say the project is planned on sacred land. "When things escalate to that emotional apex, that is a sign that something has to be done. To full charge ahead isn't the way to do it," Johnson said. There are 13 telescopes already on the mountain, which have suspended during the protests. The Associated Press contributed to this report. (Page Six)

Alex Rodriguez Treats Jennifer Lopez to a $140,000 Porsche for Her Birthday. It's a party, it's a party! It's officially Jennifer Lopez's birthday and she's celebrating with a bang. The Hustlers star, who turns 50-years-old, is having a larger-than-life bash "at a private home on Star Island that belonged to Gloria Estefan," a source told E! News. The source added that the Bronx native's fun festivities are "taking place in the backyard overlooking the water." "There are multiple tents and the decor is modern with a lot of white and gold. There are big gold balls being strung across the yard and a large gold bar," the insider dished. "There's lounge furniture and sofas also being set up on the lawn." Along with her lavish party, J.Lo is already enjoying one of her extravagant birthday gifts from fiance Alex Rodriguez. The 43-year-old sports commentator dropped $140,000 on a Porsche for his leading lady. "A-Rod gave J.Lo a red Porsche 911 GTS convertible for her birthday," a second insider shared with E! News. The source added, "It came with a big gold bow on it and was delivered to their house this afternoon. The license plate says JLO." It's safe to say the "Medicine" singer is over-the-moon in love with her present as the source revealed she's already put some miles on her baby. "She took the car for a spin before the party with A-Rod and looked very excited," the insider shared. This isn't the only thing the former pro athlete has done to put a smile on his fiancee's face. Earlier , Alex took to Instagram to share a heartwarming video montage of his soon-to-be wife. "Hi baby girl, just want to wish you a happy birthday. I cannot believe this baby girl," he said in the video clip. "Since we've been together, you have made me feel like every day is my birthday. Thank you for your passion and your energy and your inspiration and your endless pursuit to be the best at everything that you do." He continued, "You are simply the best partner in life, the best daughter, the best mother, the best performer. We love you, your fans love you, your children love you and I love you. Lets make this birthday a very special one." Of course, the 50-year-old star couldn't help but gush over the sweet tribute. She commented, "I'm crying....I love our life...I love you so much... thank you my beautiful Macho..." (Eonline)

Jennifer Lopez's 50th birthday party was insane -- with huge stars, a huge mansion, a huge cake ... and a 6-figure birthday present courtesy of her fiance, Alex Rodriguez!!! It all went down Wednesday night at Gloria Estefan's waterfront mansion on Star Island in Miami ... where J Lo's famous friends like DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Ryan Seacrest and Ashanti rolled to party with Jenny from the Block. 43-year-old A-Rod gifted Jennifer a sick red Porsche 911 GTS convertible, worth around $140,000!!! He also gave a big speech in front of the crowd, telling Jennifer that he loves her deeply and is so happy to be a part of her 50th birthday. It was sweet. And, speaking of sweet, the cake was lit too! It was 10 TIERS and it was taller than most of the guests and took 5 grown-ass dudes to carry it into the party! We're also told it was covered with with 24-karat edible gold and featured her name and the number "50" in Swarovski crystals. And, it was delicious too -- a Divine Delicacies Custom vanilla rum cake with dulce de leche filling. The bakery had no comment. We're told the total cake cost -- $10,000!!! As for the party itself, everyone was turning up ... even her kids hopped onstage and serenaded J Lo with a birthday rap song. It was adorable! Also, Fat Joe bumped his hit, "All the Way Up" ... and the place went NUTS!!! Lopez was also gifted a huge portrait of herself that was also bigger than most of the guests!! The big grand finale was an explosive-fireworks display over the water -- it was like the 4th of July all over again!!! By the way, Jennifer isn't taking too much time to recover ... she's got a concert in Miami on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, which will close out her tour. Props to A-Rod for setting the whole thing up and everyone seemed to have a blast -- and now, we're all thinking the same thing in the office ... how are they gonna one-up this party for the wedding bash?!! (TMZ)

Demi Lovato enjoyed a mocktail while celebrating a friend's birthday one year after her near-fatal overdose. The singer, 26, attended a soiree at Barton G. in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 23. An eyewitness tells Us Weekly that Lovato, who "was in a good mood," indulged in the restaurant's frozen liquid nitrogen Diamonds Are Forever drink. The large group was "loud and cheerful," according to the onlooker. They dined family-style on signature dishes, including steak, striped bass, seasonal chopped salad and popcorn. Lovato was found unconscious at her Hollywood home in July 2018 after suffering an accidental drug overdose. She stayed in the hospital for nearly two weeks before checking into a treatment center. One year later, the Grammy nominee is still focused on recovery. "Every day is a constant struggle for Demi," a source says in the new issues of Us Weekly. "She's remained determined to lead a life of sobriety and live her life to its fullest potential, especially following the first anniversary of her relapse." Kickboxing and eating healthy are part of her new regimen. Lovato also values "surrounding herself with supportive people." Ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has been a constant pillar of strength during her sobriety journey. The Disney Channel alum spoke out about her struggles in March. "Today I would've had 7 years sober," she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. "I don't regret going out because I needed to make those mistakes but I must never forget that's exactly what they were: mistakes." She continued: "Grateful that AA/NA never shuts the door on you no matter how many times you have to start your time over. I didn't lose 6 years, I'll always have that experience but now I just get to add to that time with a new journey and time count." Lovato went on to encourage others in similar situations to reach out for assistance. "If you've relapsed and are afraid to get help again, just know it's possible to take that step towards recovery," she concluded. "If you're alive today, you can make it back. You're worth it." (US Weekly)

Nicole Murphy trying to steal away married men from their wives is nothing new -- so says LisaRaye McCoy, who claims to have personal experience with her ... but NM's calling BS, denying all of it. We got the 'Players Club' actress Wednesday in L.A. -- shortly after Nicole issued her apology to Lela Rochon after being photographed kissing her hubby, Antoine Fuqua -- and she didn't hold back one bit -- she claims her then-husband and Nicole were hooking up. LRM was married to Turks and Caicos politician Michael Misick from 2006 to 2008, during which rumors of alleged infidelity between Nicole and Michael surfaced. Well, LisaRaye says they were more than rumors ... she says they were FACTS. A source directly connected to Nicole tells us, Nicole denies LisaRaye's allegation. According to the source, Nicole says, "It's not true. She's [LisaRaye's] been saying that for years. There's no truth to that." LisaRaye is also outraged at Nicole for the Antoine Fuqua situation, calling BS on Nicole's initial comment that it was just a family-type kiss and then pivoting, saying she was sorry and didn't know he was still married. LisaRaye says Nicole full well knew Antoine was married, and it was a gross betrayal of trust. And then there's the subject of homewrecker ... LisaRaye doesn't quite go there, but her accusations are mighty close. LisaRaye commented on an article about Nicole and Antoine, saying ... "Gurl @nikimurphy you went after @jamlelarochon husband too?...smh So wrong... again!!!" (TMZ)

Nicole Murphy is apologizing for kissing married director Antoine Fuqua. On Saturday, the model, 51, was photographed kissing Fuqua, 53, by a hotel's pool in Italy. Fuqua has been married to actress Lela Rochon since 1999 and the pair shares two children: daughter Asia, 16, and son Brando, 15. The director also has a son, Zachary, from a previous relationship. "Antoine and I friends. We ran into each other while we both were in Europe," Murphy said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE. "Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to Lela and the Fuqua family for what transpired." She continued, "It was not my intention to be in this situation. I do not condone women kissing or interacting in anyway [sic] inappropriately with a married man." "I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written," she added. Shortly after being spotted getting close with the filmmaker, Murphy also told that the two "are just family friends." "I ran into him in Italy and we exchanged a friendly hello and that was it," she told the outlet. Murphy and Fuqua shared a kiss while in Italy on Saturday. The two were in town for the Ischia Global Festival where Fuqua, who directed Training Day, received the director of the year award. Both held coffee cups as they shared a kiss, with Fuqua wearing a navy towel around his waist, while Murphy wore a bikini and a white sheer robe. A source told PEOPLE earlier this week, Fuqua and his actress wife "were both together a few weeks ago at their son's basketball game and looked like a happily married couple." "She was wearing her ring and they seemed perfectly happy," the insider added. A second source told PEOPLE of Fuqua and Murphy, "It's known that they've been close friends for a long time and travel in the same circles." After the news broke, Rochon deleted both of her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Murphy was previously married to Eddie Murphy from 1993 to 2006 and the former couple has five children together: son Miles, 26, and daughters Bria, 19; Shayne, 24; Zola, 19; and Bella, 17. She dated Good Morning America's Michael Strahan from 2009 to 2014. (People)

One of R. Kelly's live-in girlfriend is looking a lot like her old self on social media -- which has her family incredibly encouraged they can get her back. Azriel Clary -- one of the singer's girlfriends, who's stood by his side to this day -- has been popping up A LOT on social media after being a relative recluse prior to R. Kelly getting re-arrested on new federal charges. The 180 has her family hopeful. Family sources tell TMZ ... Azriel's immediate brood has been seeing flashes of the daughter they once knew in recently-surfaced Snapchat videos and other clips that show Azriel dancing, trying on clothes, laughing ... and acting like a normal person again. A lot of these videos appear to be filmed inside R. Kelly's Trump Tower apartment in Chicago -- where Azriel and Joycelyn Savage are presumably still staying -- but the fact that she's getting out there again (in a sense) is giving her fam hope R. Kelly's losing his grasp over her. We're told Azriel has maintained this entire time that she's had a phone and has been on social media, but the fact is ... she seems to be getting on it a lot more now that R. Kelly's not around. She's been posting content about 4 to 5 times a day. There's also this ... we're told some of Azriel's old friends have been reconnecting with her on social media, which is yet another sign she's coming back. While Azriel continues to tout R. Kelly's innocence and her love for him on social media -- we're being told her family sees a true possibility of the tide turning. (TMZ)

Good news for Manny Pacquiao ... Adrien Broner says Floyd Mayweather will ABSOLUTELY agree to a rematch soon!!! Bad news for Manny? "Floyd going to f**k buddy up," Broner says. Manny-Floyd rematch talks have been swirling since the second the final bell rang after Pacquiao's somewhat surprising win over Keith Thurman last Saturday. In fact, Floyd and Manny have already begun beefing on social media ... trading serious barbs on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday. Broner says the rematch is definitely going to happen ... telling us when we got him out at Tao in L.A., "They'll fight again. That's why they doing all this cappin'. They'll fight again." But the stud boxer sees bad news for Manny in the rematch, saying, "Floyd going to beat his ass again ... Floyd going to f**k him up again and they both going to retire." Of course, Broner just fought Manny and lost back in January ... so he's clearly got some insight into the fight -- and he says he has no doubts Floyd will repeat the beating he put on Pacquiao back in 2015 in the run back. "It might be worse!" (TMZ)


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