Having trouble losing a few extra pounds? Experts say that matching your personality to a particular diet is the best way to battle the bulge. Discover how the real you can trim excess weight:

If you are spontaneous, always ready for adventure and easily bored -- You're a competitor who thrives on interaction with others. So your best bet for getting fit is to join a group of like mined people. Exercising together and swapping diet tips with pals keeps you involved and interested in the plan.
If you read labels, thoughtfully consider food choices and weigh yourself often -- You're a brainiac who endlessly analyzes details until you're overwhelmed by all the choices available. Get a handle on your diet by making small changes like switching to healthful olive oil. And toss out those bathroom scales.
If you require a strict routine, schedule meals a week ahead and seldom eat lunch -- You're the Sgt. Major of your household, keeping everyone on schedule. Use your organizational skills to compile a food journal. Once you see exactly what you're consuming, you can begin to curb your bad habits and cut your calories.
If you are sensitive, tend to eat when you are upset and gobble sweets in front of the tube -- You're an intuitive person who gives great advice while too often assuaging your own emotions with mindless eating. You need a buddy who will listen to your troubles while offering support for a healthy diet and exercise program.


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