• According to Reader's Digest, the majority of parents admit to playing their kids video games when their children are not in the house.
  • 50% of adults in a recent survey said lotion is the most unthoughtful gift anyone can buy for them.
  • According to a survey, Pepperoni is the favorite pizza topping, while the least favorite is anchovies.
  • Your body language reveals more about how wealthy you are than any other outward appearance.
  • Just about everybody drives around with the gas gauge on empty while driving, but men are far more likely to do it than women.
  • According to a study by Liverpool's John Moores University, an itchy ankle is the most pleasurable body part to relieve by scratching.
  • Women take 60, but only typically use 34 articles of clothing on a trip.
  • 7 out of 10 people always use paper plates at the table while eating.
  • According to a recent survey, poverty is a man's greatest fear.
  • 51% of pet owners haven't done this since owning their pet. Traveled outside the country.


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