How often do you fill up your gas tank?

I wait until my empty light turns on because I'm busy.
I'm filling up any time I see those prices drop.
As soon as I drop to half a tank. I'm not about to get stranded while
stalking my ex.

What's chilling in your backseat?

A cold, soggy McD fry that missed my mouth two weeks ago.
Some deodorant and a toothbrush. Gotta be ready for unexpected overnights.
An old bra. I change in my car all the time.

Be honest, are you a good driver?

Never not lurking in your blind spot. Sorry.
My friends trust me to drive their cars more than they trust themselves.
Honestly, I'm scared of my own road rage.

What are you listening to?

The radio. Bluetooth intimidates me.
My perfectly curated Spotify playlist. No touchy.
Any hot Beyonce track will do.

Weirdest thing you've done in your car?

Paint my nails.
Check out my chin-hair sitch in the rearview.
Sex things.

How do you wash your car?

My dad does all of that.
I DIY detail my ride ‘cause I want it done right.
I take it through that roller-coaster auto wash.

At a stoplight, you're most likely caught...

Low-key picking my nose.
Sending passive-aggressive work emails.
Sending a "U up?" text before it turns green.

What kind of car boss are you?

My care is one flat tire away from staging a riot against me.
You better put a towel down if you're gonna sit your post-pool butt on my seats.
I'll let you drive, just don't throw your trash in the back. It's clean for a reason boo.

What your answers say about you:

Mostly "A's" - Congrats, you're kind of a pretty mess. Empty ranch packs on the floor don't give you anxiety but speed limits do.
Mostly "B's" - To be honest we're scared of you. We don't' even want to look at your perfectly clean car, let alone touch it. Please don't murder us for smudging the windows.
Mostly "C's" - You're the proud owner of a shaggin' wagon. Nothing turns you on more than fogging up the windows in the back of your Civic. Beds are so cliche.


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