Health magazine asked W. Chris Winter, sleep specialist and author of "The Sleep Solution," what he suggests when you're lying there worrying about, oh, a million different things:

Put the kettle on
Certain soothing herbal teas are known to promote sleep, says Dr. Winter. His favorite blend: The Republic of Teas' Get Some ZZZs.

Stay up a bit later
Have you ever sat down to a meal and realized you're not actually hungry? The same can happen when you get into bed, says Dr. Winter: "You simply may not have developed a sufficient amount of sleepiness."

Try a supplement
Magnesium helps muscles relax and may calm the mind, too. If trouble sleeping isn't your norm, consider melatonin: taking it for a few days, three hours before bed, can help reset your body clock.

Eat something light
Tummy rumbling? Snack on some hummus, yogurt, honey, nuts, or tart cherries. "Those foods all have melatonin in them or a chemical precursor to the hormone," says Dr. Winter.

Do an easy mental task
Falling asleep isn't in your control, and failing to can be maddening. But you'll always be successful at counting backward from 100 at least until you conk out.


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