• According to Match.com, Honolulu, Hawaii, is America's most romantic city.
  • The average man gets a new belt every two years.
  • A survey says awkward jokes from family members are likely to happen three times during the upcoming holiday season.
  • According to researchers, they estimate that you'll spend 11 hours this year waiting on hold.
  • Only 44% of men think a woman should take their last name when marrying.
  • 50% of us will have leftovers tonight at dinner.
  • According to a recent survey the #1 thing that men fear most is swimming with sharks. The #2 thing that men fear most is proposing marriage.
  • According to the FBI, almost 3 out of 4 autographs are fake.
  • 40% of us would end a relationship over this? Because we didn't get along with their dog.


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