• The average person will take 3 hours to clean and prepare their home for guests for the holidays. With that, 47% will light scented candles while cleaning and prepping our home for guests.
  • 52% of people are turned off by parents who change diapers in public.
  • On average, we spend about 55 minutes each day looking for things we can't find.
  • 34% of people say one-word answers is the rudest thing you can do when texting.
  • When it comes to your toddler, the average number of minutes a tantrum lasts is three.
  • Ever gone somewhere new, only to have the peculiar feeling that you've been there before? You're not going crazy it's just a glitch in the working of your hippocampus, the part of the brain that forms memories of places.
  • Research shows that over the course of your driving career, you curse about 30,000 times.
  • According to Reader's Digest, about 32% of Americans reach behind the front row of milk cartons for a "fresh" one at the grocery store.
  • Of the homes that have these, 80% of them have safety issues. What are they? Decks.


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