(Men's Health) Staving off sleep is the least of its abilities:

Bowel Bolstering
Though more research is needed to prove an effect in humans, rodent studies show that a key coffee compound, chlorogenic acid, may act as anti-inflammatory in those with a certain bowel disease.

Diabetes Protection
Research shows that people who drink coffee also have less risk of type 2 diabetes than those who abstain from the drink, cites a 2017 review. Even decaffeinated coffee may produce the effect. Findings suggest that the polyphenols, a source of disease fighting antioxidants, in coffee may play a role.

Easy Energy
Caffeine is an alkaloid in the same class of compounds as nicotine and cocaine; it works on your neuroreceptors to block relaxing adenosine. Quite unlike the other two, however, every weekly cup also reduces your risk of heart failure by about 7 percent compared with those who don't drink coffee, according to research in the journal Circulation.

Fast Focus
Drinking a cup of coffee before participating in a group activity helped individuals feel like they worked together better as a team, says a 2018 study conducted at U.C. Davis. The participants attributed the results to increased alertness.

Heart Health
Coffee likely won't raise your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and compounds in coffee may ease blood pressure, found a 2017 review in Planta Medica. There's also some indication that coffee might improve your blood flow, according to an American and Swedish review.


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