Banana Assault!

In Des Moines, Iowa, 26-year-old Rogelio Tapia was jailed after police said he assaulted a convenience store clerk with a banana. Police responded to reports of a dispute at a QuikTrip convenience store around 3 a.m. The store clerk reported being chased around the store by Tapia after trying to intervene in his domestic situation. Police received witness reports claiming Tapia chased the clerk and threw items at the clerk, including a banana. Tapia is charged with assault on persons in certain occupations, simple assault, interference with official acts and third-degree criminal mischief. According to the Des Moines Police Department Facebook page, Des Moines police answered over 270 calls on New Year's Eve, including the "banana assault." (KCCI)

Don't Go Chasing Copper Waterfalls

How's this for instant karma? Police in Philadelphia said a man was electrocuted while trying to steal copper wiring from an abandoned power plant. The guy's body was found at the Richmond Generation Station by a jogger who happened to be passing by. Two other men are in custody for also stealing copper in the area but it's not known if the men were working together. Here's a pro tip: don't steal. (KYW-TV News)

That Smell

Authorities in Brooklyn are trying to figure out what caused the death of an 11-year-old boy. The cause may be tied to a rare allergic reaction. Reportedly, Camron Jean-Pierre became sick Tuesday evening while at home in Canarsie. The boy's family says they were cooking fish for dinner at the time and that the smell may have caused Camron to have a severe reaction, as he had a known allergy to fish. Family members told officers they hooked Camron up to an unidentified medical device that they hoped would help, but he fell unconscious and medics were called. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. There have been rare life-threatening reactions in kids with allergies who simply caught even a whiff of fish. The official cause of death will be determined by the NYC medical examiner. (New York Post)

Drone Aid

In Milford, Massachusetts, Enid Diaz was trying to rescue her drone from a tree but ultimately ended up needing a rescue of her own. She spent about an hour stuck 30 feet in the air in the tree. She later told reporters, "The tree started shaking. I was like, ‘Oh, I'm gonna go down.' And it was like, I was tired and cold, so there was times I felt I couldn't hold on, but I did." Diaz had scaled the tree -- shoeless -- to try to get her drone and became stuck and she couldn't find anyone to help. Eventually someone heard her cries and soon police, fire and a technical rescue team were on the scene as dozens of people watched. (FOX News)

Rabid Human Dog?

A viral video of a South-African man barking like a dog after allegedly being bit by a rabid dog has sparked a heated debate on African social media. Tunde Ednut, an Instagram influencer and entertainer, shared the video on Instagram. In it, a young man wearing an oxygen mask and lying on a hospital stretcher can be heard barking incessantly. The man holding the camera states that he is filming a "beast like you've never seen before" with the permission of the patient's father, adding that the barking is caused by the rabies virus. The narrator of the video claims that the patients exhibited other bizarre symptoms associated with rabies, like foaming at the mouth. However, it seems the majority of those who have seen it feel the video is a big fake. Many commenters have praised the barking man as the "pretender of the universe" while others posted things like "it's real, I've seen this before!" Either way, it's certainly helped Ednut's profile as it has also been picked up by some of the largest media outlets in Africa. (Oddity Central)

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

For a while, Gourav Mukhi was being celebrated as the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Indian Super League. But that came to a screeching halt when authorities discovered he was not 16-years-old as he claimed, but rather 28. Mukhi's troubles started back in October, when the Jamshedpur FC striker scored a "historic goal" against Bengaluru FC. Not only was it a crucial equalizer for his team, but it made him the youngest scorer in the history of India's soccer league. But all the attention made people look at him more closely and many expressed doubts about his age online. It didn't take long for evidence of his deceit to come out, as only three years prior, he had been suspended from the National U16 Football Championship, for being much older than he claimed. When he couldn't show documents proving he was 16-years-old, the striker's club registration was revoked and he received a six-month suspension. (Oddity Central)

What the What?

A Danish bank has released a list of predicted events that could completely change the world as we know it this year! Expert analysts at Saxo Bank compiled their anual "Outrageous Predictions" list detailing how the series of highly unlikely events could affect global finances. Among its cheery predictions for 2019 is Netflix stock crashing and a solar storm that will take out satellites across the entire western hemisphere. Now the good news is the list is meant to be taken lightheartedly - though past predictions have sometimes been scarily close to reality. In 2017, the bank's analysts said that Bitcoin would surge to $60,000, and then plunge to $1,000 before the cryptocurrency crashed from more than $20,000 to $4,000 per coin. While Netflix has become a global phenomenon, Saxo Bank says it is also America's most debt-ladened corporation facing tough competition from other video streaming services. Analysts predict stocks in Netflix will collapse as a result. As for that solar system, the bank says satellites across the Western hemisphere will be destroyed causing untold chaos on GPS-reliant air and surface travel, logistics and electric power infrastructure and about $2 Trillion in damage. Happy New Year! (Metro)


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