Compare your bedtime routine to these statics published in Glamour magazine:

9% of women polled by Glamour go to bed naked.
48% of women get less than 7 hours of sleep most week nights.
33% of women drink 3 or more cups of caffeine a day to stay awake.
56% of women say stress can cause them to lie awake at night.
7% of women say they've fallen asleep during sex.
11% of women sleepwalk.
56% of women talk in their sleep.
22% of women use thinks like prescription or over the counter meds or alcohol a few times a week to fall asleep faster.
30% of women wake up in the middle of the night.
39% of women hit the "snooze button" 2 to 3 times before getting up.
16% of women hit he "snooze button" 4 times before getting up.
27% of women say they still sleep with a stuff animal.
22% of women say they wish they could sleep alone more often.


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