When it comes to body confidence, both men and women admit they have issues. We think we look fat. We hate our thighs. And we wish we were less jiggly. Still, we're comfortable enough to walk around the house in the buff and have sex with the lights on. Fitness magazine and Yahoo! surveyed men and women, asking them to bare it all about their feelings on body image and nudity.
  • 57% of women think they look fat naked and wish they were more toned and less jiggly.
  • 48% of men think they look good naked.
  • The most hated body part among women is their thighs, while men despise their butt.
  • When it comes to flaunting it, women ranked their cleavage as the body part they most like to show off, followed by their butts and their legs.
On nudity:

Only 19% of adults say they would go to a nude beach during the day, but 29% would brave it at night.

47% of women feel sexier in lingerie than being naked--and 53% of men agree.
71% of adults have sex with the lights on.
63% often walk around the house naked. Men are far more likely to do this than women.
20% of men have posed nude for a photo, compared with 15% of women.
18% of men have "sexted" a naked photo, compared with 12% of women.


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