(Health) Follow these steps to fully unplug from your to-do list after you leave the office:

Make a game plan
Before your workday ends, block out 10 minutes to write down where you're leaving off and where you'll pick up tomorrow. Having action items set for the next morning helps take anxieties off your mind and prevents the dreaded feeling that you're forgetting something.

Have a transition
Your brain needs time to let go of the day's stresses and switch gears. After work, do an activity that lets your mind slow down, like reading or exercising. It's OK to thin about work stuff a bit while you do this; frame it as a transition period so that you can sit down to dinner with your spouse or unwind solo without your mind racing once you're home.

Don't' check tech
If the stress still creeps up at home, it might be due to the demands or emails, you receive after hours. Set limits by letting people know when and how much you'll be available. If your job doesn't allow you to be out of reach, set personal rules around short activities where you can check out like during a 45 minute spin class or while you read to your kids before bed.


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