Clinical psychologists Arnold A. Lazarus and Clifford N. Lazarus compiled a list of common emotional errors and how anyone can fix them for the journal Psychology Today. Here are five of their top tips for better emotional health:

  1. If you're terrified of messing up try drawing attention to your own shortcomings. By letting others laugh with you about your goofs, you learn about areas for growth and help create close friendships.
  2. If you can't drop grudges express your frustrations. Dwelling on people who did you wrong just opens the door to life destroying depression. Instead of obsessing, let it out then let it go.
  3. If you bottle up your real feelings say what you feel when you feel it. Don't be aggressive, but speak calmly, directly and respectfully.
  4. If you feel lonely and overworked seek out humorous incidents and remember them often. Laughter boosts the immune system and eliminates stress.
  5. If your goals are impossible examine your weak spots, then go all out for something you know is within reach. It's OK to crash and burn as long as you learn from your mistakes.


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