"Florida Asking Citizens to Kill All Iguanas!"
Truth! The creatures are overrunning the state. That spurred the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to issue an advisory on its website urging homeowners to take lethal action against the lizards when they can and reminding them that no permit is needed.

"Man Claims Civil Rights Violated Over Hash Browns!"
Truth! In Mount Holly, North Carolina, Tommy Martin has filed a federal lawsuit against Hardee's after he said one of the chain's restaurants deprived him of his civil rights by putting too few Hash Rounds on his plate. Martin, who is black, said he believes it was racial discrimination.

"Man Claims to Have Found Actual Alien in Area 51!"
Trash! That was a typo. He found an actual Allen. Yeah. A guy named Allen.

"Parents Name Their New Baby Google!"
Truth! It happened in Indonesia. Although the mother didn't really like the idea at first, she ultimately agreed and now they have a boy named after the world's most popular internet search engine.

"Pitcher Justin Verlander Says Baseball has Cuisinarted the Balls!"
Trash! He said 'juiced'. Different device.

"Woman Calls Police After Hitman She Hired Doesn't Kill Her Partner!"
Truth! This was in Madrid, Spain and she told the cops she paid him $8,000 to kill her partner and then he didn't deliver! The police ultimately arrested both the woman and the hitman.

"New Device Lets You Rent Movies in Your Brain!"
Trash! That would be a nightmare. I'd wander into the kitchen and forget what I was watching.

"Camper Creates 5-foot Thick Smore!"
Trash! You know that one's not true because if it was, I'd be there to help.


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