Business women who want to flaunt their power and status over others at work or at formal affairs should put themselves on a pedestal with classy high heels. That's one of the insights gleaned from fashion experts and a study of American attitudes on the subtle messages of shoes. Here are more insights:
  • Ironically, after 5pm, a pair of pretty high heels lets a lady tap the aura of her inner-beauty queen.
  • Pulling on a fine pair of boots brings out a lady's sense of strength, your age and grace. The lower the heel, the tougher, more aggressive and more modern a woman will come off.
  • Snazzy, strappy sandals tell the world; this woman's spirit is natural, simple and free. She's often a strong individualist or a nature lover. Sandals show some skin, so this gal's in touch with her playful, sexual side.
  • Sneakers signal a woman who loves comfort or athletics or both. She's either young or very young at heart.


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