A recent survey says parents are worrying more -- but doing less -- to protect their children from Internet dangers, such as cyberbullying, online predators, inappropriate content and revealing too much personal information. According to a survey by, the most popular legal information website, 76 percent of parents are either extremely worried, very worried or somewhat worried about their children's online safety. That's up from 66 percent four years ago. How worried are you about your children's safety when they use the Internet?

Extremely worried, 15%
Very worried, 20%
Somewhat worried, 41%
Not very worried, 17%
Not worried at all, 7%

But despite the growing concern, fewer parents are taking steps to safeguard their children. Two-thirds of parents (66 percent) are taking precautions such as monitoring the Web sites their children visit, restricting their use of social networks, reading their children's online communications or using site-blocking software, but that number is down from 74 percent four years ago.


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