Neuroscientist Sandra Aamont, Ph. D., co-author of "Welcome to Your Brain," uncovers female-brain facts in her book:

Size doesn't matter.
"Men's brains are just bigger in proportion to their bigger bodies," says Aamont.

Men do have bigger brains than women.
But it doesn't mean they're smarter.

We're good at finding things.
Because of sex hormones' effect on the brain, women tend to be able to recall objects locations while men are better at spatial problems like how a couch will fit through a door.

Your brain has a memory peak.
Memory starts to decline in your thirties, and continues to weaken as we age. The best way to stay sharp? Exercise; it boosts blood flow to the brain.

Stress makes you forget.
Long-term stress can damage the hippocampus, an area that's essential to storing new memories.

The brain has a willpower muscle.
Self-discipline seems to be controlled by the frontal cortex. It gets strong with practice so hitting the guy tonight could help you get there tomorrow, too.


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