• San Francisco will spend up to $600,000 to paint over historical artwork at a public school depicting the life of George Washington, a mural once seen as educational and innovative but now criticized as racist and degrading for its depiction of black and Native American people.
  • Anchorage, Alaska, hits its highest temperature ever recorded on July 4 as the temperature at the airport was 90 degrees besting June 14, 1969, for the highest mark ever recorded in the city, according to the National Weather Service.
  • In President Trump's 4th of July speech, he talked about airports during the American Revolution.
  • Joey Chestnut ate 71 hot dogs to win the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship on New York's Coney Island. His 4th straight title.
  • Maya Hawke, one of the stars of "Stranger Things," is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She plays Robin, who works at the ice cream parlor.
  • Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were down for several hours on Thursday.
  • Taco Bell is said to be dealing with a tortilla shortage.
  • A Yankees minor league team beat a minor league team of the Twins 38-2.
  • Justin Amash of Michigan, the lone Republican calling for an impeachment investigation of Donald Trump is now leaving the party and becoming an Independent.
  • A study says men gain twice as much weight as women in their freshman year of college.
  • The Rolling Stones tour features four six-story tall LED video screens.
  • Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi are selling an oceanfront estate in Carpinteria, California, for $24 million.
  • Christopher Cline, the billionaire coal tycoon best known for reviving Illinois's mining industry and making a fortune doing it, died in a helicopter crash Thursday, the day before his 61st birthday.
  • A scene from "Toy Story 2" that features a Hollywood casting couch-style scenario has been deleted by Disney from the newest version of the film. The scene, which appeared as one of the "bloopers" at the end of the movie, featured the character Stinky Pete making sexually suggestive comments to a pair of Barbie dolls, before realizing he is on camera and awkwardly ending the conversation.
  • Joss Stone was deported from Iran this week, as she was attempting to perform in every country on earth.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon has introduced Hard Coffee Alcoholic Beverages with caffeine. Apparently, we were lacking that.
  • Kendrick Norton of the Miami Dolphins had to have an arm amputated after being in a car accident.


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