Love Island Night 2 Gave Us a New Favorite Couple. Two nights in and much has already changed on Love Island. We're still just as invested as we were after one episode, but our attentions have shifted over to what might be an early favorite couple: Zac and Elizabeth. There was a concern there for a second when, during a classic Love Island "kiss the person whose dirty secret you think this is" game, Elizabeth learned that Zac once left a girl in his bed to go hook up with his ex. She panicked about this since she'd been abandoned in bed before, but he explained that this was long ago in his past, and he learned not to be such a bad person from that experience, and now he and Elizabeth like totally have a really easy time talking to each other and they totally vibe and the only thing Zac wishes is that Elizabeth were a snuggler. And now we're like, kinda obsessed with them. The reveal of last night's cliffhanger was both exactly and not exactly as dramatic as we guessed it would be. Kyra chose Cashel, but Caro wasn't quite as bothered as we thought she might be. She wasn't thrilled, but as everyone kept trying to remember, it has been two days, and she's got options. Meanwhile, Cashel and Kyra shared some kisses in their shared bed. Caro then turned her attention to Michael, who seemed kind of into her back even if he's a little scared of her spunk and her sass. Whatever happens, every guy will need to find somebody before the next recoupling or they'll be dumped from the island! That will be made easier thanks to the addition of two new guys: Dylan, a 25-year-old Long Island fitness coach who loves to laugh, and Cormac, a 26-year-old NYC night club promoter who thinks he's got a degree in women. One of those guys sounds better than the other and we'll let you guess which one we're talking about. Unfortunately for Mallory, neither one of them is John Mayer, but we've got hopes that she'll find her skinny musician Prince Charming someday. Love Island airs weeknights at 8 p.m. on CBS. (Eonline)

CBS holds bizarre 'pep rally' for staffers amid 'Evening News' shake-up. There were unsettling scenes at CBS Wednesday when top talent and execs hosted a peculiar "pep rally" for the revamped "CBS Evening News" -- which left some staffers "embarrassed" and "confused." We're told that as part of the morale booster at CBS headquarters, incoming anchor Norah O'Donnell, heavyweight news division president Susan Zirinsky and "Evening News" executive producer Kim Godwin starred in a taped "music video" set to a DJ Khaled song -- complete with a dance routine. We're told the scene sent heads spinning -- a flurry of texts about the surreal occasion bouncing around the industry. As part of the rally -- in which the video was followed by an upbeat PowerPoint presentation about the division's future -- O'Donnell told the crowd that she planned to be in the gig "until she retires," which drew some sly smiles from attendees, since the "CBS Evening News" job has been notoriously unstable, seeing off predecessors Jeff Glor and Katie Couric after tumultuous runs. Meanwhile, a more cheerful source in the room told us, "This was a session about the vision for the show centered on journalism with integrity and the structure moving forward. People left completely energized and excited about the future." We're told the event was officially billed as an "editorial rally" internally, rather than a "pep rally." Zininsky announced in May that former "CBS This Morning" co-anchor O'Donnell would replace Glor, who had the job for 18 months. She'll make her debut July 15. Reps for O'Donnell and CBS declined to comment. (PageSix)


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