Born On This Day...

In 1632 Dutch scientist, Antony van Leeuwenhoek (discovered microbes)
In 1788 Journalist/poet, Sarah Josepha Hale (Mary Had A Little Lamb)
In 1830 Attorney/social reformer, Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood
In 1855 James Schoolcraft Sherman, 27th U.S. vice president (1909-1912)
In 1882 English actress, Sybil Thorndike (Prince & the Showgirl) [d: 6-9-76]
In 1896 Actor, Jack Warner (A Christmas Carol, Jigsaw, Dominique)
In 1898 Artist, Lillian Oppenheimer (origami paper folding)
In 1904 Playwright, Moss Hart (You Can't Take It With You) [d: 12-20-61]
In 1911 FBI director, Clarence M. Kelley [d: 8-5-97]
In 1911 Blues singer/songwriter, Sonny Terry (Brownie & Sonny) [d: 3-11-86]
In 1911 Inventor, Nathaniel Wyeth (plastic soda bottle) [d: 7-6-90]
In 1915 Cartoonist, Bob Kane (created Batman in 1939) [d: 11-3-98]
In 1917 Football player, Marshall Goldberg (Chicago Cardinals) [d: 4-3-06]
In 1923 American poet, Denise Levertov (Joy Beneath The Skin) [d: 12-20-97]
In 1925 Blues singer/pianist, Willie Mabon [d: 4-19-85]
In 1926 Football Hall-of-Famer, Y.A. Tittle (Colts, 49ers, Giants) [d: 10-8-17]
In 1929 Baseball player/sportswriter, Jim Brosnan (Cardinals, Reds) [d: 6-28-14]
In 1929 Composer, George Crumb (Pulitzer 1968-Echoes of Time) (90)
In 1930 Singer, J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) [d: 2-3-59]
In 1936 Actor/producer, David Nelson (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet) [d: 1-11-11]
In 1936 Bassist, Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones) (83)
In 1937 Singer/guitarist, Santo Farina (Santo & Johnny) (82)
In 1939 Actor, F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus, Mighty Aphrodite) (80)
In 1944 Singer/trumpeter, Ted Templeman (Harpers Bizarre) (75)
In 1944 Guitarist, Robbie van Leeuwen (Shocking Blue, The Motions) (75)
In 1946 Drummer, Jerry Edmonton (Steppenwolf) [d: 11-28-93]
In 1947 Actor, Kevin Kline (Sophie's Choice, Dave, French Kiss) (72)
In 1949 Singer, Perry Lee Tavares (Tavares) (70)
In 1950 Drummer, Terry Buffin (Mott the Hopple) [d: 1-17-06]
In 1959 Actor, Brad Johnson (Courthouse, Dominick-Melrose Place) (60)
In 1960 Golf player/announcer, Ian Baker-Finch (CBS) (59)
In 1960 Actor, B.D. Wong (M. Butterfly, Gotham, Jurassic World) (59)
In 1973 Reality star, Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) (46)
In 1979 Bassist, Ben Gillies (Silverchair) (40)
In 1980 Singer, Monica [Arnold] (Like This And Like That) (39)
In 1981 Reality star, Tila Tequila (A Shot at Love) (38)
In 1983 Singer, Adrienne Bailon (3LW, The Cheetah Girls, The Real) (36)
In 1986 Rap singer, Drake [Aubrey Drake Graham] (33)
In 1987 Figure skater, Charlie White (Olympic-Hold-2014) (32)
In 1988 Actors, Daniel and Josuha Shalikar (Honey I Blew Up The Kids) (31)
In 1989 Actress, Shenae Grimes (90210, Scream 4) (30)
In 1989 Baseball player, Eric Hosmer (Royals) (30)
In 1996 Basketball player, Jaylen Brown (Berkeley, Celtics) (23)
In 1996 Gymnast, Kyla Ross (Olympic-Gold-2012) (23)
In 1997 Actor, Kendall Ryan Sanders (Every Witch Way) (22)
In 1998 Singer, Daya ("Hide Away") (21)
In 2003 Actor, Hudson Yang (Fresh Off The Boat) (16)


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