Law and Order: SVU Finally Sets the Record Straight About Benson's Past. Law & Order: SVU left fans hanging in the season 20 premiere after a conversation between Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Rollins (Kelli Giddish) alluded to Benson once having an abortion. The conversation took place as Rollins grappled with her second pregnancy and whether or not she wanted to keep the baby. "Regret is an awful thing to live with," Benson told Rollins. And the good detective assumed that meant Benson once had an abortion. The conversation and assumption dangled in the air for a whole season until season 21. The scene didn't make it into air in "The Burden of Our Choices," the fourth episode of the history-making season, but it did find its way online. "Amanda, just real quick about before: I had a pregnancy scare in college. I was with a boy I liked, I didn't love, not that it should matter. But I was 19 years old and I really wanted to do something important with my life," Benson said. "You have," Rollins said. "So, I decided to make an appointment at the clinic," Benson said. Then she spent the next few days agonizing over her decision. She said she didn't sleep, she didn't eat, she was "wondering if I was making a decision that I would forever regret." "And that day on the way to my appointment, I got my period. I never did get pregnant after that and so, you know, do I regret never having a biological child -- even now? Sometimes if I allow myself to wonder, but then, with Noah, we're happy," Benson said. "I just -- I didn't think that's what you were talking about," Rollins said. In an interview before the start of the new season, executive producer and showrunner Warren Leight told E! News he planned to address the conversation, but warned it could end up a deleted scene. "The Burden of Our Choices" featured the squad fighting a 13-year-old girls right to have an abortion after she was raped by her step-father. In the episode, Benson also references her mother's desire to have an abortion following the rape that resulted in her conception. An off-duty Rollins ended up accompanying the teenager after she was legally cleared to terminate the pregnancy. Law & Order: SVU airs Thursdays, 10 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Another Doctor Is Pregnant! Say it ain't so! One unexpected Grey's Anatomy cast member learned that they were pregnant during the Thursday, October 17, episode. After Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo ) published an article that threatened the future of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, everyone's futures were totally uncertain. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was busy dealing with Grey's explosive article that was supposed to be an expose about the medical community but ended up putting Grey Sloan in a bad light. Her stress made her think she might have had a heart attack. After some tests, she learned she was both perimenopausal ... and pregnant. "I heard you, I just don't understand," Bailey said to Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary ). Beliefs Over Bros Prior to learning the shocking news, Grey met with her previous boss to explain how her article was twisted by the publication. She ended up leaving her community service to do so, which meant she had to go back to court for violating her sentence. However, when she got to the hospital, Bailey wanted nothing to do with her old friend. "I made you study. I made you practice. I was your friend, your mentor and overtime. You needed me, I was there. You can sit there and apologize to me and say all the moving words but the damage has been done," Bailey said. Grey was feeling defeated and ran into Andrew Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) as she was leaving to explain what happened. He chastised her for violating the community service because it meant she could go back to jail. However, Grey's giving attitude got the best of her, and she might have ended things with him for good over the disagreement. "I don't need this," she said to him. "If you think there's a world where I just sit back when everything's broken and hurting people and killing people, you don't really know me at all." Grey's Anatomy airs on ABC Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. (UsMagazine)

Katie Couric Media and PEOPLE have partnered to create the weekly digital video series, #SeeHer Story, to celebrate various female trailblazers ranging from the past 100 years to today. The series -- which is made up of short vignettes created and narrated by Couric -- premieres Friday and will air weekly on both and on PEOPLE's social media platforms. As this year marks the centennial anniversary of 19th amendment -- which gave women the right to vote -- passing, the series hopes to commemorate such an important time for women in history. Renew Life, a women-focused digestive wellness brand, is sponsoring the first 21 episodes of the year-long series. #SeeHer Story will also be a regular feature in PEOPLE's print edition, the weekday morning newsletter Wake-Up Call with Katie Couric, on PeopleTV's entertainment show PEOPLE Now as well as on PEOPLE Now Weekend. "From our popular 'Women Changing the World' franchise to the new #SeeHer Story video series, PEOPLE is committed to creating content franchises and features that empower women," said Will Lee, Senior Vice President, Digital, Meredith Entertainment Group in a press release. "We are delighted to partner with Katie Couric -- a woman who broke the glass ceiling in broadcast news journalism -- to celebrate these outstanding changemakers." Each week, the series will focus on a different extraordinary woman, beginning with an episode on Dame Julie Andrews. While her major breakout roles were in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, Andrews' career was filled with so much more. Andrews, 84, got her start singing with her parents on the road. By age 13, she was singing in front of Queen Elizabeth, and by 20 she was playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady on Broadway. Andrews, born Julia Elizabeth Wells, later served as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations International Fund for Women, which supported the advancement of women in developing countries and became an early supporter of LGBTQ rights. She also adopted two daughters from Vietnam, wrote two memoirs, played a queen in The Princess Diaries and eventually came full circle when she was knighted by the actual Queen Elizabeth for her courage and resilience. Her monumental achievements continue to be recognized in last week's #SeeHer Story premiere, along with the stories of several other remarkable women in the episodes to come. "#SeeHer Story celebrates the important contributions of bold women from the past one hundred years who have changed our country forever," said Couric. "We hope recognizing them and telling their stories will not only give them their due but will also inspire the next generation of leaders." She added, "Together with Meredith and PEOPLE, I'm so excited to bring back the stories of women whose names you may know -- and put those whose achievements are not as well-known -- front and center so we can celebrate them as well." (People)


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